Rape in my Parking Lot

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Sucks when this kind of stuff is what you have to deal with. I’m ready to move.

Author: Aaron Brazell

Aaron Brazell is a Baltimore, MD-based WordPress developer, A Sr. Web Enginner at 10up, a co-founder at WP Engine, WordPress core contributor and author. He wrote the book WordPress Bible and has been publishing on the web since 2000. You can follow him on Twitter, on his personal blog and view his photography at The Aperture Filter.

  • http://www.greenllama.net/blog/ Leroy Brown

    Baltimore is a human wasteland. I hope you can get out soon.

  • Carol

    Sorry to hear about that. As much as I love my city…I wouldn’t live in Woodlawn. Move over to this side where (believe it or not) we have very little violent crime.

  • http://www.douglaskarr.com Doug Karr

    Sheesh, that’s terrible. Crime happens all around us a lot more than we realize, though. I’m always surprised to read the community paper and see all the crimes in my neighborhood.

  • http://mccorse.blogspot.com Sean McCormick

    I thought you did move. What happened to that nice little house you posted about a few months back???

  • http://www.technosailor.com/the-technosailor/ Aaron Brazell

    Sean: No, unfrotunately, that didn’t work out. Still stuck here in Baltimore.