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I notice that as well as this blog does in so many circles, I’m amazed that I only have 6 people who have made Technosailor a favorite blog in Technorati. If you want to be a cool kid, add the blog to your favorites today.

  • http://www.problogger.net Darren


  • http://www.freesitebuilder.co.uk/WordPress/ Freesitebuilder

    I don’t use Technorati much, although I use tags. But I usually just add my favourite blogs straight into my reader. (Yours is there!)

    What are the advantages for blog owners if I make them a favourite at technorati too?

  • http://www.ydwblog.com/ HardinComp

    Wow. I’m not only one of the cool kids I’m on the cutting edge. I’m one one of the six. Whodathunkit?

    But thanks fo the reminder. I needed to update ny email addy with them.

  • http://douglaskarr.com Doug Karr

    You got it! Looking forward to making your favorites ;)

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