Technosailor Sale: Anybody's Game

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Those of you following the auction over at SitePoint, the private bidder that was interested in purchasing the site backed down off the offer of $23,750. I don’t hold this against him. Essentially, the bid was contingent on some provisions that I was not able to meet. No harm, no foul.

This means that the auction is back at it’s initial starting point of $7500. It’s anyones game and the blog needs a good home.

Incidentally, there is some transferrable income after all. I need to actually get the numbers but off the bat, Text Link Ads and Feedburner should both be transferrable. Interested parties may contact me privately for these details.

  • Carol

    So…dumb question. If you sell the blog, will you still write? If so, where?

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  • Aaron Brazell

    Carol: In an ideal world, I move onto something else. That said, many buyers try to negotiate that the seller stay for a period of time. Given my current employment status, I would only be able to do that in a non-compete situation.

    So bottom line? It’s all up in the air. The way the bids are going, you may be stuck with me for awhile here. ;)

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