March 2007

Aaron Brazell

Busy Year

My schedule is looking daunting this year. Never have I traveled as much as I have since going full time with b5media, and the schedule doesn’t look to be getting better. I enjoy traveling, don’t get me wrong. I’m excited about the opportunities that I’ve been given. It’s just… alot. Next weekend, we have the […]

Venture Files

CULT OF STEVE: Apple's mantra

I told you the whole thing is a cult. You gotta love this. Straight from Valley Wag: CULT OF STEVE: Apple’s mantra: “Steve Jobs, since his triumphant return to Apple, has become a latter-day deity, worshipped as much by techies as the shareholders he’s made rich. So much so that his admirers, from product designers […]

Aaron Brazell

Review: Dan Rather

Photo: Texas Amy on Flickr Continuing my thoughts from last weeks SXSW trip, I want to talk about Dan Rather’s keynote interview on Monday Afternoon. I admit to being pretty soured by the trip by Monday afternoon, so perhaps my thoughts are a little skewed. Going into the address, I did find it massively ironic […]

Aaron Brazell

b5media Hitting WordPress 2.1

We grow. We suffer usage fees. Those fees come in database overhead, CPU utilization, etc. We’re hitting a number of incremental optimization targets in the next 3 weeks (by the time I go to Toronto in April, I hope) and one of them is moving the network to WordPress 2.1. Really, I’ve been very patient […]

Aaron Brazell

Review: The Hampton Inn

In my ongoing review series from my SXSW trip, I’d like to turn a negative eye on The Hampton Inn. As most business travellers, I receive a per diem and with that and additional funds I had in Paypal, I was secure in knowing I had $1000 in Paypal for my trip. Nothing that could […]

Aaron Brazell

Review: United Airlines

I’ve been quiet for the past week and a half and a lot of that had to do with me fgoing to SXSW this past week. It really was the worst trip in my life but it wasn’t all bad. I am home now and catching up on a large list of to-dos that have […]

Aaron Brazell

Maryland Blogger Meetup

Bloggers and readers in the Baltimore/Washington/Northern Virginia area are invited to come out for a blogger meetup. The date is March 31 at Red Brick Station in White Marsh. No agenda, just reaching out to the blogging community in the area. b5media will be well represented. RSVP at