April 2007

Aaron Brazell

The Day of Silence

In case you had not heard, there was a call for a day of silence in the blogosphere out of respect for the folks who lost their lives in the Virginia Tech massacre. Personally, I posed the question to readers over at Outside the Beltway last week and received some very interesting opinions. I was undecided about whether to participate and inadvertently, I nearly did. It had nothing to do with VT and more to do with the fact that we have a new hire today.

Aaron Brazell

NFL Draft Predictions

Today is the first day of the NFL draft 2007 and I’ll be following it closely and doing a bit of live blogging over at Suicide Fan. In addition, we’ll cap the draft day 1 off with a podcast with David Kindervater, credentialed NFL press and podcaster, from NYC at the end of Round 1. Due to timing, the show will be released tomorrow morning. Questions? Comments? Leave your message at 443-450-4646 or at mailbag@suicidefan.com.

Aaron Brazell

What's in the Toolbox?

Everyone in any industry or career has a set of tools they use to do their job. My job is a little odd in that I have my hands in development as well as systems. A developer can say I use these sets of tools while a sysadmin has different needs. I have them all.

So, inspired by posts awhile ago by Westi’s Windows WordPress toolbox and Mark’s Mac/Unix based WordPress toolbox (both of which describe workflow for using subversion and creating patches), I give you my WordPress-and-sometimes-not-Mac-and-Linux toolbox.

Aaron Brazell

Alexa's Irrelevance

Matt is complaining about Alexa turning off their API, for all intents and purposes, and turning itself into a walled garden. My question is does it really matter? Does Alexa really matter?

I love going to industry events and listening to PR people jibjab about Alexa rankings and using it as a metric of popularity and the fact of the matter is that it is a bogus metric meant for a tiny cross-section of people who have Alexa’s spyware. Unless someone has Alexa’s toolbar (which by the way is still only supported officially for Internet Explorer), then visitors are never documented.

Aaron Brazell

I Really Screwed Up

I really screwed up and before you all get mad at me, please accept my apologies. I just did the unthinkable, and something I have been angry at others for doing – I mass invited my entire Gmail address book to Facebook. Great, if you want to join and mark me as a friend, then […]

Aaron Brazell

Guesting on the WordPress Podcast

I was privileged and honored to be asked to be on the WordPress Podcast Episode #23 with Charles Stricklin and David Peralty, which is online now. It was a long show and we talked about WordPress 2.2 future features, plugins, Google Summer of Code folks and of course, a nice little argument at the end […]

Aaron Brazell

Technosailor Version 7 Hits the Street

I’m really, really happy right now because we’re begininning the three year anniversary celebration a little early here. Back in March, I started to discuss the possibility of a professional theme with the fantabulous Lisa Sabin. I gave her some of my ideas and in essence let her go to town creating something suitably professional […]