WordPress FAQ: Democracy Poll Feature

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Why doesn’t the democracy feature allow for polls asking for voters to “check all that apply?”

Democracy is a great little plugin that allows for polls on WordPress blogs. I have a lot of history with the Democracy plugin, but fortunately the plugin has come a loooong way and improved quite a bit.

I asked the developer of the plugin this question and this was his response (for what it’s worth):

Hmm, I haven’t decided. I haven’t had a ton of people asking for that feature, it’s been requested over the years but not enough to be worth it to everyone. Democracy isn’t being actively developed, but I think it’s generally feature-complete enough. Of course, it’s not perfect…If a lot of people get in touch with me to request that feature, I might reconsider.

There’s your call to action. If you want it, make yourself known. True Democracy, eh? :-)

Author: Aaron Brazell

Aaron Brazell is a Baltimore, MD-based WordPress developer, A Sr. Web Enginner at 10up, a co-founder at WP Engine, WordPress core contributor and author. He wrote the book WordPress Bible and has been publishing on the web since 2000. You can follow him on Twitter, on his personal blog and view his photography at The Aperture Filter.

  • http://www.armensblog.com Armen

    You could just sign up with Poll Daddy.

  • http://www.technosailor.com/the-technosailor/ Aaron Brazell

    Not really a WordPress solution, right Armen?

  • http://www.armensblog.com Armen

    Sorry Aaron, I know. Just mentioning an alternative that some people might find more ‘simple’.

    By the way, what you’re doing here is great.

  • travisn000

    Have you looked into wp-poll?

    http://lesterchan.net/wordpress/ (working example in sidebar about 1/2 way down page)

    I’m in the process of setting up my first wp site, and in my research into polling widgets I found wp-poll and democracy to both be highly recommended.. wp-poll does support the multi-answer polls though!