The Technosailor Design Process

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Last week, I launched the new and improved layout of this blog. I mentioned Lisa Sabin created the look. She deserves a lot of credit for taking very vague conceptual ideas and turning them into the layout and design that is being showed off here. Lisa describes the process of doing the Technosailor design work here.

As much as there some fantastic designers out there that everyone knows about, there are really great designers who alot fewer people know about. Lisa is one of those. I love finding diamonds in the rough and Lisa is one of those. Thanks, again, Lisa!

  • Lisa

    Thanks, Aaron – ‘diamond in the rough’ is my preferred status in the ecosystem! :)

  • Armen : :

    I like your new design Aaron. Plus it seems to be a lot ‘lighter’ than the old design. However, and I know it’s only my opinion, but I’d enlarge the body font a little. It’s just a tiny bit too small.

  • HART (1-800-HART)

    I like this design Aaron, and it loads much faster!

    I also like the way you (lisa) managed to put those 4 block ads on the front page, and back to the sidebar – although for last 10 minutes I’ve been getting the same two ads on the bottom row every page view(FYI) ..

  • Aaron Brazell

    We’re still ramping up with that ad server and Chad is selling ads like mad. I’m sure we’ll see more ads in there soon. :)

  • Dave Zatz

    Can indy bloggers such as myself afford the design services of diamonds in the rough like Lisa? I need a makeover and already lost cash on one failed design/designer. Sigh!

  • Aaron Brazell

    Talk to Lisa and find out, David! I agree on the need for a makeover too, no offense… :-)

  • Carolynn

    This was my first trip to your site. I don’t know what the old one looked like but this one is great. Your Diamond is a Gem.