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Happy Birthday, America!

Here in the United States, today is a very special day. Other countries celebrate Independance from whomever or whatever they became independant of but more times than not, it doesn’t stick. It seems like every few years, we hear of another coup d’état happening somewhere in the world. In Fiji […]


Labor Attorney Needed

If you are a labor lawyer, and are licensed to practice law in the State of Maryland, I need to talk to you. My wife and I have a situation to deal with regarding her sleazy former employer.


Interview With MySpace Professional Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer blogs at for b5media, his blog covers how to use social networking websites to build awareness of your product, site, or yourself. Palmer has used his myspace page to become one of the most read bloggers on the social networking site. His grasp of the social networking […]


Universal Music Goes the Wrong Way on iTunes Music

Odd that Universal Music is apparently thinking it can walk away from Apple and iTunes. You heard that right. Universal Music Group is talking about walking away from the third largest retailer of music in the world – online or brick and mortar. The Unofficial Apple Weblog has the story. […]

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