Video Interwiew at BWE

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Thanks to, Jim Kukral for doing this interview. When he told me he was getting ready to put it online, I was concerned because I didn’t actually recall doing an interview. Now that I’ve seen it, I do remember,

And for anyone not knowing the origin of this blog’s name, I tell the quick story in the video. Check it out.

  • Phil Bundy

    Hey, Aaron. Very cool interview relaying the excitement of Blog World Expo. Hope you enjoyed the Mark Cuban speech. Great story about the Technosailor name as well as all of your activities.

  • Shama Hyder

    Good stuff Aaron! = )

  • Carlos Granier-Phelps

    Cool video. I liked the phrase “Social media: where real life connects to the Internet world we live in.” Awesome stuff!

  • Shana Glickfield

    Thanks for bringing some of Vegas back to your readers. Interesting that you didn’t clarify that there is no “humpback” Technosailor. ; )

  • Aaron Brazell

    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, Shana… :)

  • Dayngr

    I tried to get Mark Cuban to get onboard with us for our Holiday Love campaign but I never heard back from him. Great history on your name there. As a techGod sailing the internet TechnoSailor is a damn good name!

  • Aaron Brazell

    @Shana: Oy! Dayngr hasn’t figured out the “no humpbacking Technosailor” rule yet… haha

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