Freakin' Beacon Firefox Extension

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I took the dive into Firefox extension development today whipping out an answer to the Beacon is broke sentiment that is popping up all over the net, including here on this blog. This extension puts a little icon in the status bar that lights up in blue when on a page using Beacon technology. In theory, this will help users make educated decisions about which sites to shop at, or rent games, movies or otherwise engage in activity with.

Get the details and install the extension here. And pass the word.

  • Travis Seitler

    You, sir, are both brilliant and timely. :)

  • blayman

    Thanks! It’s nice to know when you are being spied on by big brother.

  • JT

    Won’t work in the Firefox 3 Beta because “it doesn’t provide secure updates” was the error message I got.

  • Aaron Brazell

    It wasn’t built for FF3. In time, I will do that too, but the FF extension does say it is compatible only with*. :)

  • Marios Alexandrou

    For those interested in just blocking Beacon 100% of the time you can install the Blocksites add-on and drop in the Beacon path ie. **

  • Aaron Brazell

    Doesn’t actually prevent partner sites from sending data though.

  • FireFox

    Excellent work Aaron. I just installed it and let you know the results.

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