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I found this via Facebook. One of my friends sent this to me and I laughed so hard I watched it 3 times in a row. See, if you’re a musician as I am, you know that music is just a bunch of patterns. It’s mathematical, really. So it’s not all that unusual for “progressions” to repeat or be duplicated between songs. It’s unintentional mostly, but thats the nature of patterns.

Apparently, everyone loves the Canon in D patterns. ;-)


  1. says

    I really enjoyed it. Aside from the PDQ Bachness of the musical jokes, Paravonian’s sense of his audience and rapport is definitely part of the coolness. Thanks, Aaron.

  2. Larkyn says

    HAHA! I can relate, I play cello too, and I agree. It’s insane! The cello part is so boring for that song lol

  3. Mike says

    Yeah a lot of people use it, but most of the songs he was singing only use two or three chords out of the EIGHT, so its funnier if you’re not a musician.. or if you just didn’t know that

  4. says

    I used to play cello. It was back in the 6th and 7th grade,(I’m a freshman in college now), I’d give my left foor to play it again. I loved it. Rob just makes it even more enjoyable. Every time I watch this I crack up.

  5. Taylor says

    I play bass, this guy is just whiny, i mean at least he got to sit down while he played the notes over and over.

  6. Michelle says

    As a fellow child cellist I can say he speaks the truth. which is why now at 16 I can throw a right hook better than any guy I know, and over 27 different ways to prevent something, 2 twice the size and 100 times more delicate than you , from breaking. Don’t touch my cello or else. Hit someone just rigth with an endpin and they will never have chidren.

  7. cellist says

    this. is. SO UNBELIEVABLY TRUE. I have been thinking this exact thing my ENTIRE. LIFE. and thank god people now know how horrible the cello part is and how often we play it!

  8. Coley D says

    That cello part is soo boring. I invented 50 different fingerings (including using my chin, nose, (that one hurts though) Knuckles etc to play the notes)

    and yes, hit someone with an endpin just right and you can maim somebody in pretty much anyway you can think of.

    It comes up in weddings so often aswell

  9. Brandon says

    If you plan on seeing him, don\’t watch this too much. While it is awesome, he does it basically exactly that way, which makes it not as funny seeing it after watching it online. And to contribute to the musical complaints… At least Cello notes are on the beat, play a Sousa song on a French Horn and prepare to belt out off beats for 4 pages straight

  10. says

    I recognized Vitamin C’s Friends Forever but I never realized that same little melody was used so much. Brilliant piece.

  11. Pangaean says

    Oh boy, Pachebel was just following you before this, now he is following many more. Do you think he will go easy on you if you share the burden? :)

    That was just great.

  12. SadPanda says

    “He took a couple of slight liberties there”?

    Dave (yeah you Dave), you are incredibly boring!

  13. Biff says

    I agree with dave. Not all the chord progressions he plays are exact, such as his Aerosmith song, and No Woman No Cry, that he uses. Also, You have to be realistic about the simple fact of music: You have 12 basic chords you can use, 48 if you want to differentiate major, minor, augmented and diminished. from those chords only so many progressions can be reached that will , arguably, sound good to the human ear. As a result, considering that huge amount of musical material that has been generated since we started with gregorian chant after the fall of the Roman empire, there is alot of overlap, especially in chord progressions that are the most pleasing to the human ear, the progression of pachabel’s Canon being one. This is also hindered by the fact that the key of D is a very, very popular key.

    all that being said, This is a very funny skit, and I enjoyed it a lot when i heard it.


  14. Chipper says

    its so true! i’ve played this song on my cello. it sucks!!! and THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!!

  15. says

    OMG I can relate xD I play the Bass Clarinet [don't get me wrong, best frickin instrument ever] but we played a piece called “A Christmas Canon” and it was a mix between the First Noel and Canon… all I played was the opening cello riff twice every eight measures or so. It made me so maaaad.

  16. Scarlett_156 says

    What a blast from the past. It made me remember my highschool orchestra days. And yeah–he has an excellent point, people are WAY too hung up on that damned piece. With a lot of people it’s like the only classical piece they can name. When I played with a quartet for awhile we would do garden parties and other mild-mannered social events and without fail there would be these starry-eyed bourgeoise ladies coming up when they saw us getting set up to ask us if we knew the Canon in D. (Slowly I turned… step by step…) You can almost play a drinking game with it when you watch TV because so many advertisements use it.

    It’s kinda like people wanting to hear “Free Bird” when your band is gigging at a biker bar. (yours in Chaos, Scarlett)

  17. violinist says

    I remember practicing this song for graduation in high school…I was a 1st violin and every time we messed up, I thought the cellists were going to kill us!!! haha…this was great

  18. Adrienne says

    Celeste, I totally agree! Bass Clarinet is superior, but most of the music is terribly repetitive. Try playing ‘Mars.’ For the first 49 measures, I had ‘triple it 2, 3, 4 and 5′ at a rather fast tempo. Then, I had a nice little part, and it was back to the triplets for another 15 measures. Eeesh. But on the bright side, I’m the only one in the band cool enough to play the Bass Clarinet. XD

  19. Rose says

    This guy is amazing!!!!

    I play viola, and I often feel haunted by Pachelbel’s Cannon in D (The viola only gets to play the melody for about… 16 measures). Not only did my high school teacher make us practice the song for months, we had to perform it at each grade’s graduation. It was painful. I’m pretty sure that I can, 8 years later, still play it perfectly from memory.

  20. says

    dude i found this very boring and annoying…………………maybe if he went through puberty it wood b sumwhat decent