Thank You, Social Media Club DC

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This evening’s event. Enjoy and thank you everyone who viewed live and came out to Viget Labs for Social Media Club.

The slide deck can be viewed in the video. Enjoy and thank you.

Update: Here’s the slide deck. Though the ideas are free for anyone to use, the presentation itself is is not open source. It is for personal use, non-commercial use only.

Update 2: Lots of problems getting this slide deck into an accessible format. YouTube seems to work best.

  • wlerik

    Nice presentation, but slides difficult to read on upstream.

  • jonny goldstein

    Great stuff Aaron. Got me thinking in lots of productive ways.

  • Andre Blackman

    Had a blast and learned alot!

  • shashi Bellamkonda

    Thanks for the presentation. Well researched and you spent a lot of time to give such good ideas. Would you consider putting the presentation on or ?

    Here are some pics of the event.


  • Keith Casey

    Definitely educational and I think correct in the trends… still wondering how we respond and what we do about it.

    Of course, as one of the token geeks around here, I’m probably considering a different level of it.

  • Aaron Brazell

    Shashi, The problem is the video embeds which are super important to the deck. I posted it as a YouTube video which preserves that aspect with the drawback that you can’t control the timing of the slide changes.

    Give and take. Thanks for coming out last night and the after party at Applebees. ;)

  • Jared Goralnick

    Wish I could’ve come along last night. But I did just go through the video/slides, and they both were easy to follow and full of great insight!

    Thanks for posting, and see you out soon!

  • Jessie Newburn

    Thanks, Technosailor. Great info provided in an easy-to-receive format. One of the best pieces I got last night was about branding and social media. You said, “Conversations are going to happen [about your brand]; you might as well be a part of them!” That really struck a chord in me. Nice meeting your lovely wife, The Mrs. Technosailor, as well.

  • Phil BUndy

    Great presentation loaded with a bunch of useful information! Wish I could have been at the seminar personally, but really appreciated the chance to view the entire discussion and slides online.

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