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ShayDC.jpgIn just over 36 hours, I’ll be boarding a flight to Austin, TX. This will be my second trip to SXSW – last year was a mixed bag for me but then the whole trip started out on a bad note and it through the rest of the week into a funk. This year, I’m anticipating better results and a better time.

Meanwhile, I’ve asked Shana Glickfield and Chris Parandian to guest post here while I’m gone. You’ll get sporadic posts from me as well.

Shana is better known as the DC Concierge and is an absolute genius when it comes to “things to do in DC”. Chris is the CEO of MobileDiner, a DC-based company working in the mobile space, particularly as it comes to introducing new mobile technologies to enterprise business.

mobilediner.jpgNeither of these folks have been instructed as to what to write. I leave it up to them. Maybe a fresh perspective or topic might be a healthy little distraction for a week. Also, if you’re from DC and making the pilgrimage to Austin this week, make sure you come out the the bloggers lounge on Tueday at 3pm CST to the live recording of District of Corruption. It will be the live from Austin open-mic edition and we want to talk to you on the air.

Thanks again Shana and Chris for filling in for me while I’m gone.

Photo Credits: Photo of Shana provided by Shana; Photo of Chris via Jonny Goldstein

  • Shana Glickfield

    Looking forward to sharing my DC insider perspectives!

  • jonny goldstein

    Star studded bloggage. Good idea Aaron!

  • Andre Blackman

    Alriiiight! Can’t wait to hear the musings of these two awesome folks. Have a safe trip Aaron! Looking forward to DoC: The Austin Chronicles

  • Keith Casey

    Woohoo. New targets to provoke and agitate!

    Er… wait… looking to work with or kick ideas around with these people. I guess I should behave. ;)

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