Venture Files Joins Technosailor

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vflogo.jpgOver the weekend, we have been hard at work integrating Venture Files into As you know, Technosailor has largely been focused on business and technology with a focus on social media and the internet technologies we enjoy today.

As part of the continuing debate surrounding venture capital, particularly here in the District, the content of Venture Files and the enthusiasm of Steve Fisher in writing it is a strong complement to the content already produced here.

As part of this integration, you can expect to see regular venture related content from Steve as he provides his own analysis on the venture ecosystem from the perspective of an entrepreneur. Previous content can be seen here and you can subscribe to the Venture Files feed as well.

I am a particularly strong fan of Steve’s 7 part series on Business Plans.

Welcome Steve and Venture Files to the Technosailor family.

  • Daniel Brusilovsky

    Great move. Venture Files will be a great add to Technosailor!


  • Ann Bernard

    Splendid! Can’t wait to read the wisdom Steve has to share.

  • jonny goldstein

    That’s Fishertastic!

  • Shashi Bellamkonda

    I hope Steve will also bring his brand of humor.

  • Steven Fisher

    I promise to bring all the wisdom and humor that this humble entrepreneur can muster.

    Ok, I will be a smart ass. It is inevitable.


  • Handy Adressen

    I have known Venture Files for a while, and always enjoyed them.

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