NPR Interview This Morning

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NPR’s Laura Conway from the Bryant Park Project (syndicated on a dozen or so NPR affiliates between 7-9am ET) called me this morning for a brief chat about the Congress rules fiasco that I’ve been monitoring.

Not only was this interview important for me personally (it’s NPR during the morning drivetime commute) but it’s very important for the issue at hand (it’s NPR during the morning drivetime commute!). Going on NPR this morning broke the story outside of the blogosphere and catapulted it into the attention of millions of Americans, many of whom use social communications tools everyday.

Thanks Laura and the BPP crew for the call.

Note: this is a rough recording off my computer while the show streamed. Will update with the “clean” copy from NPR after the archive copy goes up.
Listen Now.

Update: The NPR archive is up. Go listen to a better quality here.

  • Jonathan Crow

    Great piece! Congrats. And thanks for the education.

  • MJ Ray

    I’ve downloaded the mp3 from here because the NPR archive doesn’t work in Firefox3+NoScript. Thanks for posting it. Why do radio stations keep complicating simple tasks?

  • Keith Casey

    I just listened to the clip on NPR, congrats! It was a low-key spot, but you sounded great and those are the ones that stick with people. That really is awesome. :)

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