Confirmed: Livingston Communications Acquired by Social Media Group

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smglc.pngThere’s been a few rumors floating around the past few days and over the weekend. We can confirm that Livingston Communications, a boutique social PR firm based in the DC-area and owned by Geoff Livingston (also my cohost on The District of Corruption), has been acquired by Toronto-based Social Media Group headed by rockstar CEO Maggie Fox. The financial terms have not been disclosed.

Notably, as part of this acquisition, SMG is also acquiring the property rights for Blog Potomac driving those of us who are looking for community events free of Public Relations batty, and not in a Christian Bale sort of way.

Geoff will become the Executive Vice President, Americas for SMG and continue to run operations out of Washington D.C.

As a past frequent traveller, I can make recommendations for hotels in the Toronto area. I’m presuming, Geoff, you’ll be making many trips.

  • Geoff Livingston

    BlogPotomac will stay the same, and maybe I can bring my co-host in next time to help emsee? Whaddya say! Thanks for the write up.

  • maggiefox

    Hey Aaron – thanks for the props (rockstar?!? :) The two of us are going to do some serious damage!