Fantasy Football for Charity

Adam Ostrow, from Mashable, put together a fantasy football league with various people from the social media crowd. I guess they all like to lose, since I was invited.

Regardless, the league will be fun and I’ll update everyone on how things are going, along with standings, etc. The reason why this is interesting is that we are all playing for charity, where the winner has all the proceeds donated to the charity of their choice.

For my part, I’m dishing out an ass kicking on behalf of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation based in Annapolis.

Charities represented:

I’m still sorting out other players and their charities and will update accordingly.

The draft is tonight. Contestants, who wants to livestream the draft screen over ustream?

Update: The draft is over and I like my team:

  • Tom Brady (QB-NE)
  • Vince Young (QB-Ten)
  • Braylon Edwards (WR-Cle)
  • Roy Wiliams (WR-Det)
  • Deion Branch (WR-Sea)
  • Joey Galloway (WR-TB)
  • Amani Toomer (WR-NYG)
  • Willis McGahee (RB-Bal)
  • Thomas Jones (RB-NYJ)
  • Travis Henry (RB-Den)
  • Jason Witten (TE-Dal)
  • Bubba Franks (TE-NYJ)
  • Adam Vinatieri (K-Ind)
  • David Akers (K-Phi)
  • Dallas (DEF)

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10 thoughts on “Fantasy Football for Charity”

  1. Obviously you’re unaware of my reputation as “solid”. Be ready for a beat down ;).All in the name of cancer that is… Well, at least solving it, not spreading it.

  2. Thanks, Aaron! Awesome promotion for our charities — and as I said in that giant crunch of emails we all sent around, that same charity that Leslie and I are playing for will benefit from the event at I have a webcam now… I can trash talk you LIVE.;)

  3. If someone wants to. Not sure if the draft is text only, orvoice/conference? If it was text/read then a live screencast of the draftscreen would be cool. If there’s voice/video, streaming that would be cooltoo. I don’t have the resources myself though

  4. Usually it’s just a web app with a chat for Yahoo. So it’s text flying fromthe chat and then a screen where we’re selecting our players. I supposesomeone could record that, and stream it. Don’t know if anyone outside ofour group is interested though. Was saying it jokingly before :).

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