C-SPAN Providing Social Media Hub for Conventions

cspan.pngPolitical junkies are in the prime of their year right now. Tomorrow in Denver, the Democratic National Convention begins with the GOP convention slated to start the week after.

C-SPAN is offering a social media hub for both conventions with featured tools being video giant YouTube, which will be present at the Big Tent in Denver (see Google) as well as in St. Paul the week later. Also a featured partner is Qik, the live streaming video social service. Twitter is aggregating #DNC08 and #RNC08 tagged streams direct to the website as well.

C-SPAN is not affiliated with either party and the effort is to provide a grass-roots level into the conversation surrounding the conventions from interested parties in person (on site) and remote. I was asked to participate in video and twitter coverage, and I may, but it is not my niche. You’ll more likely see any real coverage over at my personal blog.

A personal shout out to my friend Leslie Bradshaw (and an amazing Latin linguist, I’ve discovered this week) for working with C-SPAN in this effort.

As a disclaimer, I am a non-partisan Barack Obama supporter so, while I’m most interested in the Denver coverage, I’ll be watching the St. Paul coverage as well.

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One thought on “C-SPAN Providing Social Media Hub for Conventions”

  1. Aaron — thanks to much for the dual shout-outs here on your article. Guilty as charged on both accounts: I love words and C-SPAN. So, I happen to be catching up on my reading and saw that both you and Jimmy rocked a post about the project, can't thank you both enough. Like I was saying to Jimmy, C-SPAN's mission of creating public access to the political process is solidly realized by online media (something you and I understand well, but something that is sometimes lost on traditional organizations). I am very proud to be a part of this effort from both a JESS3 as well as a New Media Strategies perspective.You know about the hashtags and whatnot, so should you tweet-it-out, #DNC08 and #RNC08 will shine on through on the aggregation page. As for the rest of the site, let me know if you end up covering anything in particular at either conventions. For now, I just like to go to it and see what others are saying — especially as folks are just arriving in Denver and getting ramped up for the coming week.Thanks again many times over :) LAB

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