Sweet Caroline in Vegas

This article will take approx 1 minute to read.

I’m still in travel mode. Long story, but I’ve been in Las Vegas since last Wednesday and don’t leave until tomorrow. While this has been a fantastic trip, the process of writing serious posts requires some time to process everything from the week. That processing of data doesn’t happen when you get together with Jeremy Wright, Darren Rowse, Muhammed Saleem, Micah Baldwin and many others for karaoke in Las Vegas.

Yeah. Could be ugly.

So, while I have a ton of things to write about, those will have to wait for another day. In the meantime, enjoy my rendition of Red Sox Nation national anthem, Sweet Caroline. The entire bar was into it and though there was someone just off camera who was really “off” making the recording sound meh, in reality it brought down the house. Thanks Micah for having your Nokia N95 ready to go at a moments notice.

Cameos by Jeremy Wright, Darren Rowse, and Shai Coggins.

Thanks for letting me bring Red Sox Nation to Vegas. :)


  1. adamjackson says

    Wow. I totally missed this event. Wish I would have been there. Actually, I flew into vegas for blogworld on southwest and as we touched down the pilot said, “what happens in vegas ends up on the internet”

  2. adamjackson says

    Actually, I didn't think you were but we'll do a special one just for you if you're ever here. @techkaraokesf on twitter.

  3. says

    Hey now… I distinctly remember seeing my hands and a quick once-over of me in that… But that's okay – I'm possibly the one “off camera” who ruined things too… My voice is HORRIBLE! :( Must be because I'm a Colorado Rockies fan, right Aaron? haha.