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It’s 2008 and with 2008 comes technology. It’s awkward, I realize, for some small businesses to justify the use of social networks, blogs etc. After all, how can a small business trying to remain profitable encourage employees to waste time on Facebook?

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We think of companies like Dell and JetBlue as examples of companies that “get it”. Even this weekend at WordCamp where I hammered the ideas of Marketing, Message and Brand, these companies came up as examples of companies engaging in the social space, including blogs.

But these broad examples are still the exception to the rules. Most companies still don’t realize that they need to be in the space, engaging with not only customers but possible customers.

I met one gentleman this weekend who owns a construction business but is an English major. He decided he would start writing DIY and home improvement stories in the form of a blog and is making big waves.

I’d say most home improvement companies don’t blog. They probably aren’t on Facebook. Probably not tweeting on Twitter.

There’s a company here in the Baltimore area that has a radio spot. In the radio spot, the owner says he personally goes to every job site every day until a job is done. When that’s the way most companies operate, it’s easy to think there is no time for social media.

Here’s the secret sauce, though, that many are missing. Your customers are behind the walls of social networks and on blogs talking about you somewhere. Trust me. You can’t afford not to be part of the conversation, and there’s no legitimate excuse not to participate.

With the economy the way it is, it is truly a cheap way to market, do public affairs and drum up business. Why wouldn’t you do it?

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Aaron Brazell

Aaron Brazell is a Baltimore, MD-based WordPress developer, a co-founder at WP Engine, WordPress core contributor and author. He wrote the book WordPress Bible and has been publishing on the web since 2000. You can follow him on Twitter, on his personal blog and view his photography at The Aperture Filter.

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  1. “You can’t afford not to be part of the conversation, and there’s no legitimate excuse not to participate.”Agreed completely. I think many companies are lazy. They don't want to invest the time it takes to build social media relationships and connect with people. They try the “broadcast” route, fail, and that's it.As you said though, customers are lurking about, talking about you. No reason not to listen.

  2. Hi AaronAppreciated the call out for Dell's “getting it”…and you are right about using social media for connecting with both customers, as well as connecting with new customers, all the while establishing your company's brand and message in the marketplace. However, what most intrigued me was your reference to small businesses and use of social media…so if this is any help, thought Id share these 2 links: and…Not only does social media change how we connect, but the links above are meant to help small and medium sized customers fully harness the power of social media to reach and serve their customers/potential customers.

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