Facebook Spam Pitches

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There’s a new form of social media spamming happening in the name of PR social media relevance. It is the art of the Facebook “tag”.

If you’re fortunate enough, you’ve been hit with this spam a dozen times in the last week. It is shadiness at it’s best and I will not hesitate to out PR individuals or firms, regardless of how much “clout” they have in the social space, if they do this to me again. It will not be automatic, although it might be. You’ve been warned.

The spam is a nifty little trick where you publish an event, group or picture of a product, service or event. Pretty typical Facebook activity, really.

Spamming PR people then use Facebook’s “tag” feature, something that is more in context for photos where you can tag someone that is in the photo and they receive a notification that they’ve been tagged. People like me are tagged in Facebook content where we have no context with the expectation that we will be notified of the content (event, whatever) and will click through and maybe cover their product.

So. Not. Cool.

Facebook, can you please put some granular privacy controls including “Friend groups” and “Group privacy” to allow us to control who can tag us, or rather who can NOT tag us?

Also, it would be fantastic if we could flag inappropriate conten t with cause. I would flag such spam content (which isn’t necessarily spammy, to be clear, just how it is delivered to us is) with the explanation that the content was delivered as a spam PR pitch.

PR firms, shape up. You are not relevant just because you connect with us on Facebook. Give us some credit.

  • http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/18410 Adam Zand

    You are too kind today @technosailor – no names or groups for us to “friend”?!

  • http://www.technosailor.com/ Aaron Brazell

    Next time there will be names :)

  • steven

    Crush the spammers ;)_

  • http://technosailor.com/suitcase Andrew Feinberg

    Why warn them?

    Seriously. If they’re trying to game the system, call them out. They’re cheaters.

    Name names.

  • Steven C

    I agree with you, we should also be able to remove the ability for people to tag us at all. I mean I am tired of having to check if any of my friends put pictures of me drunk or naked on facebook!
    Like also choosing which group you want to received updates from as well, most of the people assume that because you joined you love to receive every updates from the group!