October 2008


Change is in the Air

By now, people who follow me on Twitter or other places around the web may have picked up on the fact that I’m going through changes right now. I guess everyone is. The economy is bad. Jobs are hard to come by. It just seems like that cycle of life has come where everything changes […]

Aaron Brazell

Passion, Relationships and Thought Leadership

Back in the bad old days of blogging, the way to get attention was simple. Flame someone long enough and hard enough and they would take notice and respond in comments, or otherwise. Bloggers realized their power for change and took their platforms seriously, calling into question media accounts in politics, public relations nightmares such […]

guest blogging

How the Cable Guy could salvage the DTV transition, and why he's afraid to try.

If you don’t live under a rock, you probably know about the U.S. transition to Digital TV broadcasts coming in February. If you’ve been following it, you know that the number of people affected, i.e. those who receive only over-the-air television, has constantly been in dispute. The Federal Communications Commission, National Telecommunications and Information Administration, […]

guest blogging

Things we can agree on.

I had the misfortune recently of sitting through a discussion of the policies of both Presidential candidates on data protection and cybersecurity. Or so I thought. While the representative from the Obama campaign, a respected law professor and privacy expert who I have seen testify before Congress many times, was direct but cautious in his […]

Aaron Brazell

Discussing DISQUS

Several months ago, I decided to give Disqus a try. Disqus is a company that provides a social commenting functionality to blogs. It replaces/hijacks a blogs comments and replaces with their own commenting system. I really liked the ability to reply to comments via email as well as comment threading. Jason Yan and Daniel Ha […]

Aaron Brazell

Non-Competes in a Down Economy

I keep inching and inching into the beat of my colleague, Ray Capece of Venture Files, but I think it’s pretty important and weighty times for web professionals and small business owners alike. Unlike anytime in our history, the uncertainty of the future of our world and country are great. Everyone is speculating about what […]