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This post is a sponsored post on behalf of Sears via Izea. The opinions are mine.

The economy is tough right now, and in my personal life, things are as challenging to me as they might be for you. So when offered an opportunity to work with IZEA on a Sears Grant a Wish program, it piqued my interest.

Sears is not typically my store of choice to shop. Christina likes to accuse me of being a metrosexual – that is, I like to look good and am willing to put out money to make sure it happens. I don’t think that makes me metro, but who knows.

The program that Sears and IZEA are partnering on provided a $500 gift card for me to use in my Christmas shopping at any Sears store. The point was to grant a wish, as the Sears program name suggests. As an uncle of three boys on my side of the family (Ages 3, 2 and 6 months) and a girl (14 months old), there were plenty of wishes to be granted.

I went over to the Sears in Alexandria at the Landmark Mall and began by strolling the store. I checked out the electronics department (for me), the clothing department for kids, tools, toys… I even walked through the bedding section.

I was impressed that there were actual brands, mostly at discounted prices (50% off, 40% off, etc).

Without giving away the house (as folks read this blog, believe it or not), all the cousins were taken care of (my sister and her family and my brother and his family are really strapped right now, so this is a huge bonus for them, and it gives me an opportunity to Grant a Wish not only to the kids, but to my siblings who could benefit from the reinforcements). In addition, various other members of the family will be treated to “electronic gear” including a much needed digital camera. I was also taken care of in a small way to pick up some warmer winter clothes that I’m going to need here, especially with frequent trips to Boulder, CO for work.

Of course, 5 gifts were purchased to Grant a Wish to Toys for Tots as seems appropriate.

I want to be clear. This is not a business and technology post. This is not a how-to, or advocacy for smart social media presence in the web space. However, Sears is obviously positioning themselves to be smart social media citizens through their partnership with IZEA and bloggers (some of whom are Red Carpet bloggers). This is not a SEO post that is paid placement, for all intents and purposes. This is doing good for others with the knowledge that doing good for others will do good for them, and they are merely using folks like myself to do that good. I’m really blessed to have been given this opportunity.

I don’t know how often I will shop at Sears. I hate shopping anyway. But this was a great experience that helped me accomplish most of my Christmas shopping quickly (I don’t have a lot of time this month with travel) and allowed me to give where there was real need. I truly appreciate that most of all.

Obviously, larger principles apply here to business and life. It is what many have called The Golden Rule: Do to others, what you would have them do to you. Businesses can give if they don’t limit themselves to a bottom line, but engage in a culture of positive returns.

But wait, there’s actually more…

As part of this program, Sears has given me the opportunity to give away a Holiday gift package to one of you, my readers. That means I can Grant a Wish to you as well. :)

First the gift packs (Winner can choose one gift pack):

The iPod Pack

The Playstation 3 Pack

The “Electronics for Your Car” Pack

How to Play

Official rules are here. You can enter to win up to three times per person:

  • Use Twitter and tweet out “RT @technosailor please grant my wish to win the #Sears [package name] – tweet to win your own wish http://urlbrief.com/1c5ba9″
  • Leave a comment on this post with the Sears Item #s of products you would buy (up to $500). You can go to http://www.sears.com to look for item numbers.
  • Create a blog post about the contest and leave a link to it in the comments of this post.

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433 thoughts on “Sponsored Post: Granting a Wish with Sears”

  1. PS3 would be so appreciated at this house!
    What to buy at Sears with $500?
    Harvard Convertible 3 in 1 Multi Game Table looks fun,
    Sears item# 00625078000 Mfr. model# G05643F

    Saddle 5 Piece Pub Set is actually needed really bad
    Sears item# 00810440000 Mfr. model# 10440
    some towels…..
    ~Merry Christmas to you all~

  2. Oh man, we would love to win the PS3!
    For me I would get a gas grill Sears item #07116110000
    For my 5 brothers I would get Wii fit Sears item #05892358000 and a ton of clothes.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win these awesome prizes!


  3. Apple 32GB iPod® Touch Digital Media Player – Black
    Sears item# 05791320000 Mfr. model# MB533LL/A $399.99

    Coby Electronics 7 in. Widescreen Digital Photo Frame
    Sears item# 00354720000 Mfr. model# DP-758 $49.99

    SanDisk SDâ„¢ Card (Standard SecureDigital) Blank Media, 2GB
    Sears item# 00337514000 Mfr. model# SDSDB-2048-A10 $12.99

  4. I’d love to win the iPod Pack. I’ve never had an iPod and want that iPod Touch so bad. Thanks for the contest. Have a happy holiday season.

  5. Sears item# 05290413000 Power House Experiments in Future Technics $169.99Sears item# 07107326000 Mfr. model# APG3002 $429.99

  6. We would love the following–Apple iPod Sears item# 05791320000 , mariocart for the wii Sears item #05892346000, and the wii indiana jones Sears item #05892364000

  7. I’d get item: 00889917000 which is a queen headboard, and 2 backless bar stools, 00859065000. Thanks for the contest!

  8. Great giveaway! I would love the ipod pack!
    500 bucks at sears… hmm I would start with
    Storkcraft Aspen Stages Crib With Drawer- Cognac
    Sears item# 04988303000 Mfr. model# 04588-32C
    And find some cute bedding there too!

  9. With $500 to spend at Sears I would buy the All Power America 3500W 6.5HP OHV Electric Generator with Mobility kit
    Sears item# 07107326000 Mfr. model# APG3002

  10. I would LOVE The Playstation 3 Pack.

    Sears item # 07651847564 Mfr.model # 11422 BKW
    Sears item # 03688400526 Mfr.model # 88400
    Sears item # 00329507000 Mfr. model # KX-TG1033S
    Sears item# 00322215000 Mfr. model# V3BLK
    Sears item# 07116110000 Mfr. model# 464810408

    Thank you for the great giveaway!!

  11. My Christmas Wish List From Sears
    NordicTrack Elliptical, ASR 630
    Sears item# 00623765000 Mfr. model# 23765
    $499.88 on sale!
    Thanks for the contest!

  12. We had an ice storm here and were without power for 8 days. When it cam back on my 52″ tv had blown up with the outage so my wishlist this year is a new tv. I love the Vizio 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD HDTV Sears item# 05771378000 Mfr. model# VW32LHDTV10A. That is definitely what I would buy. Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. Kenmore 608 sq. in. Total Cook Area Gas Grill – Red – Sears item #07116301000

    Citizen Mens Calendar Date Dress Watch with Champagne Dial and Goldtone Link Band – Sears item# 04414554000

    Craftsman 7-1/4 in. Sliding Compound Miter Saw – Sears item# 00921194000

  14. I could definitely use a new treadmill, especially after the holidays are over! So I’d use the Sears card to purchase the ProForm XP Weight Loss 620 Treadmill, Sears # 00624755000. Thanks!

  15. I would use the Sears ard to get a new coat, a camera and an mp3 player.

    Trilogi Faux Fur Trim Zip Walker – 01712416063
    Sony 4GB Walkman® MP3 Player – Red – 05721623000
    GE 10.1MP Digital Camera, A1030 – Red – 00352811000


  16. You know, I haven’t been to Sears in years until the opened a Sears express (or whatever they call it) down the road..i was impressed also..anywho on to your contest..I would love to have the Ipod pack, as my Ipod is currently serving overseas with my husband..

  17. I would love to buy a Samsung Single-Disc, 6-Speaker Home Theater System, 1000W
    Sears item# 05798658000 Mfr. model# HT-Z310

  18. I would love to win the Ipod Pack

    Here is my Sears Wishlist:
    10k gold Butterfly Pendant ##04470258000 for $99.00
    Multi Gemstone 7-1/4″ Bracelet. 10K Yellow Gold #04470156000 $129.00
    Multi Gemstone and Diamond Starburst Pendant. 10K #04470130000 $99.00
    Mixed Semi Precious Gem Heart Pendant. 10K #04470253000 $149.00

    Thanks for the contest

  19. #00398921000 A desktop computer package for my daughters to do their homework and play their Jumpstart games on.

  20. Thanks for the chance!
    I would pick the Cleansteelâ„¢ finish GE Appliances 24 in. Built-In Dishwasher
    Sears item# 02211008000 Mfr. model# GLD4450NCS $408.49
    since our dishwasher is grouaning with every load.

  21. The “Electronics for Your Car” Pack

    This would be great for my daughter, she calls for dirctions day and night (300am). Happy Halidays

  22. Of the above prize packs I would pick the Ipod package. If I could make my own prize package, I would include: Olympus 8.1MP Digital Camera, Stylus 850 SW item# 00353762000, then for my husband I would include Craftsman NEXTECâ„¢ Drill, Multi-Saw and Worklight Combo item# 00911890000 and Craftsman NEXTECâ„¢ 12 Volt Lithium-Ion Hammerhead Auto Hammer Craftsman NEXTECâ„¢ 12 Volt Lithium-Ion Hammerhead Auto Hammer.

  23. I would love to win the Playstation3 gfit pack. With a $500 sears card I would buy:
    Keurig Single-Cup Home Brewing System, item # 00833340000 for $99.
    SnowJoe 13 Amp Electric Snow Thrower -Sears item# 07107361000
    Thanks for the chance to win! Merry Christmas!

  24. This is what I would buy for my son.

    Mirus Educational, Intel Powered Classmate PC Designed for Kids, Edubuntu Edition
    Sears item# 00398571000 Mfr. model# SEACM9BU

    Nintendo Cobalt Blue DS Lite
    Sears item# 05893029000 Mfr. model# Cobalt Blue

    DS, Guitar Hero Decades Bundle (Street Date 11/16)
    Sears item# 05895840000 Mfr. model# NDS ACT 95539


  25. If I am shopping just for myself I would get the Sears item #07188705000 – a snow thrower $469.99

    Buying for others would take much more time to decide.

  26. Wow, $500 to spend at Sears. Some great shopping could be accomplished with that! Here’s what I would get:

    1.Emerson CDG Karaoke System iPod Compatible (for my kids)
    Sears item# 05722908000
    2.Apple 16GB iPod® Nano Digital Media Player – Black (for my husband)
    Sears item #05791310000
    3. Apple 16GB iPod® Nano Digital Media Player – Silver (being selfish, for me)
    Sears item# 05791309000

    Would love to win that iPod Pack! And I tweeted as Starshine3. Thanks to you for hosting this giveaway, and to Sears and Izea for sponsoring and all they do :) Happy Holidays!

  27. I would love to have a new washing machine. Mine just broke and it is over 14 years old. I just used up my Sears card on gifts for my family and will have to wait awhile to get a new one.

    Washing Machine Sears item #02629732000

  28. The Ipod pack would be just great!

    From sears I’d love to buy the Stainless Steel Kenmore 24 in. Built-In Dishwasher with Ultra Wash System Sears item# 02213593000
    and Stainless Steel Kenmore 30 in. Microhood Combination
    Sears item# 02280033000

  29. I’d choose Sears item# 05896008000 which is a Playstation 3 my husband wants one very much! So obviously if I am fortunate enough to win this, I would chose the PS3 Pack! Merry Christmas

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