WordPress Hacking and Cleanup

Tell your friends!

There’s a brute force attack underway on a global scale. Massive. The attack vector? Keep attempting user/pass combos in an automated way until a breakin happens.

If your WordPress site gets hacked, I am available for cleanup and an audit.


It absolutely will cost you a minor fortune. That’s the way it goes. Don’t complain or whine, just get your credit card out.

It would be cheaper to have a strong password and install a plugin that limits failed login attempts though.

But if you don’t, rest assured I can help you despite you having to postpone a vacation in St. Thomas.

Do the right thing.

  • http://www.brandoneley.com Brandon Eley

    I should just hire you to audit all our WP installs before one gets compromised… you have a per-site price? $10 sounds fair… ;)