Aaron Brazell

Thoughts on MobileMe and Apple

As I’ve spent the past 24 hours wiping my Macbook Pro and trying to get back up to speed, I thought I’d give a few thoughts on MobileMe, Apple Mail and Push/Cloud technology. This is relatively raw as I am much more focused on getting back to work than I am “getting things right” as […]

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7 Funciones que le Faltan al iPhone 3G

Al fin Apple anunció el iPhone 3G -que se conecta a la red al doble de la velocidad que el modelo anterior, pero a este modelo le faltan algunas características importantes que muchos esperabamos. 1. Soporte Flash El navegador Safari del nuevo iPhone todavía no utiliza Adobe Flash, así que al parecer el problema no […]

Aaron Brazell

How the Macbook Air is the future of Computing

If you didn’t have a chance to see history made last week, you should go watch it. History was made with yet another computer company announcing yet another laptop with better specs than the generation before. Yet somehow, Steve Jobs’ keynote address at Macworld announcing the Macbook Air was different. Historically different. There have only […]

Aaron Brazell

Something is in the Air

Macworld Expo is this week and, true to Apple form, they pulled it off perfectly. Complete with bait and switch. On Monday, there was a “supposed” leak of Steve Jobs’ keynote and many people fell for it. Notably, Steve Rubel (who has a history of being reactionary and wrong), called it reliable because it was […]