HOLIDAY WORDPRESS DEAL: 30 Minute WordPress Consultation

As the holidays kick into full gear, and people start looking at a short sprint to gift times with family, I am offering a 30 minute phone consultation related to WordPress for $100. This is a great thing for someone who needs to figure out how to do something that may be unfamiliar for them or if they are just getting setup with WordPress and need plugin recommendations, or the like.

To setup your 30 minute appointment or to inquire about gifting that appointment, fill out this form. For the description, just reference this deal.

For longer term commitments or consulting engagements, including custom plugin development, I am booking clients for Dec and Jan, so feel free to ask about those opportunities as well.

This offer is only good today, Friday Nov 23, 2012 until midnight Central Time.

This offer is good through Midnight, Monday, November 26, 2012 – Cyber Monday.

Changing Roles at WP Engine

For some time, I’ve felt there was a change coming and today, I’m ready to announce that my role within WP Engine is changing. Starting today, I have transitioned into an advisory and consulting role with the company.

Effective immediately, I will be taking the portion of the business that focused on professional services and consulting to allow the company to focus on premiere WordPress hosting. It’s a good thing and I’m excited about the possibilities. Back in November, we decided to start taking on some professional services work to augment demands from many of our customers. It was awesome to have fast, secure, scaleable, managed hosting but they wanted more!

And we wanted more.

However, as the company has evolved, taken funding, hired more people, addressed growth challenges and built out our hosting option, it seemed clear that the professional services portion of the company was a separate kind of deal than what we wanted to focus on.

So today, I’ll be taking that portion of the company (and all related existing and current relationships, as agreed on), and working on that. Meanwhile, I’ll still be working with the company to guide direction and strategy. So it’s good for everyone.

Effective immediately, I am available for all WordPress consulting roles. However, I am also currently entertaining all possibilities involving full time employment as well, and welcome those conversations.

To contact me, please direct emails to As transitions go, the immediate financial impact is something that I need to consider.

Help Wanted

Over the past month and a half, I’ve been working tirelessly on building out the consulting arm of what I do. Recently, I posted a consulting page here that outlines some of the work I do and can do for clients and people like Thomas Hawk have been actively promoting me. I can’t say enough in thanks for all the people who have passed my name along to interested parties, both as potential employment material as well as consulting material.

Though my search continues, I am pleased by the amount of inquiries I have gotten during this time. Though I am still looking for a big longer term project of 4-6 months, I am feeling confident that I can sustain the work I do here based on a myriad of smaller projects from WordPress migrations, sponsored plugin development, strategy consultation as well as SEO.

Historically, I have turned away work that involves design, for instance, because I am not a designer. However, the amount of work I’ve turned away is significant and noticeable and I no longer want to do that. There are also other positions I’d like to fill.

Ux Developer

First I am looking for a Ux Developer. As the most critical part of this position, I’m not looking for someone who has a firm understanding of usability. At this time, I am looking to retain the actual HTML/CSS coding but I am looking for a Photoshop ninja – someone who can take specs, work with me as well as clients on look and feel. We will use Conceptshare and Basecamp, or similar, as jumping off project management and collaboration tools. I will run the business side of things so you will not have to negotiate with anyone but me. Please send resumes and examples of logos and website design work to me. Please include general flat-rate ballpark figures for such work. This is for ongoing project work as it comes in.

Business Manager

Second of all, I’m looking to pay someone on a percentage basis to develop business. This is a typical BizDev role where you will talk to potential clients, work out deals and earn more money for more business you secure. You will work with me to vet projects and determine feasability, viability and develop requirements if necessary. Please send resumes and a short note to me.


Of course, the strength of is in the writing. If you are interested in writing here at and gaining notoriety and readership, please send examples of your work and a pitch to me. This is unpaid for now, but you wil have immediate access to the large and influential readership here. Areas of focus are web, technology, entrepreneurship, etc.