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The Vicious Cycle of Assumptions and Stereotypes

Let me step away from technology and business for a few moments. I’ve got something to discuss as it is still elusive to people. As humans, we tend to put people into boxes. On the egregious end, it results in things like racism and sexism. On the more mild end, […]


Cyberwar – Privacy May Be a Victim in Cyberdefense Plan – Series – NYTimes.com

Umm… It already was. Remember Bush’s wiretap idea? Cyberwar – Privacy May Be a Victim in Cyberdefense Plan – Series – NYTimes.com.


I Need to Get Out in Front of this PR Nightmare…

I do not want to post this. But in the spirit of good PR, I have to get out in front of it. :-) This was a home video taken on July 29, 1988 – twenty years ago almost to the day. The story was… it was in Africa, where […]


Loren Feldman Demonstrates Artistic Handiwork But is Not Racist

Alot has been said recently of the cyclone that has begun to swirl around Loren Feldman. Loren is, and continues to be, my friend first and foremost. Though I know this will be completely offensive to some in the blogosphere, many of whom I respect and see as colleagues, it […]


Loren Feldman Debacle Demonstrates Ignorance Lives

By now, many of you have heard about the failed attempt at humor by video blogger Loren Feldman. In the past, I’ve been pleased to call Loren my friend. He is funny, and very New York – two combos that I like. People like Loren often make me miss NYC, […]

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