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The Rules for Entrepreneurs

Venture Files founder and former curator, Steven Fisher, wrote a series last year that remains one of the best of its time. Even though he has moved on and is working with Network Solutions, I think it’s as important now (if not more so) than it was last year at […]


Rules for Entrepreneurs: You Don't Need Swanky Office Space

When I started my first company, AppSolve, in 1999 it was the height of the Dot-Com boom and companies were raising massive amounts of money and staffing quickly without even making a dime yet and most not knowing how fast or whenever they would be able to. One symbol of […]


Valleyboys: It's All About the Money

Late last night I was finishing up a presentation for a class I’m taking when Jeremiah Owyang from Forrester made a statement on Twitter which made me cringe. The statement, though profound to someone living in the heart of Silicon Valley, is completely absent any reason to the observer outside […]

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