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Facebook Apaga el Faro

Al parecer, Facebook ha decidido modificar su programa Beacon (Faro) ante las protestas por violación a la privacidad de los usuarios que han surgido desde su implementación. El programa Beacon permite a los participantes enviar notificaciones a Facebook sobre las activdades de los usuarios en sus websites. Por ejemplo, si compramos unas botas en Overstock.com, […]

Aaron Brazell

Facebook, OpenSocial y la Gran Pesadilla Social

Ante todo, quisiera agradecerle a Aaron la oportunidad de escribir regularmente en Technosailor. ¿A qué se debe el éxito de Facebook? ¿Qué es la Gran Pesadilla Social? ¿Qué efectos tendrá Google OpenSocial en el terreno de los networks sociales? Facebook debe su éxito, en gran parte, al hecho de ser una buena idea, excelentemente ejecutada. […]

Aaron Brazell

The Pervasive Web

A lot of people have begun speculating about Web 3.0. I don’t want to even go there. Some folks have been calling it the “semantic web” which refers to the more tightly integrated ability to find information in a manageable way. That’s probably not a great definition either. But what the heck, I don’t agree […]

Aaron Brazell

Yahoo Could Have Owned Social Networking

Get this. Yahoo owns tons of social networking sites. They own MyBlogLog, Flickr and Del.icio.us. They own Upcoming.org. They own Konfabulator, now known as Yahoo! Widgets which is not social networking but adds features for potential social networking applications. They own Jumpcut, the upstart video platform. Yahoo partners with Zillow to provide estimates on real […]

Aaron Brazell

Facebook or MySpace?

My Art of War entry the other day caused quite a stir. Notably, it caused a stir with the readers of b5media blog BuzzNetworker where Kevin Palmer, the author who has developed a professional public profile using MySpace takes issue with my sentiments regarding Facebook’s success. He has successfully stirred the pot and many more […]

Aaron Brazell

The Art of War: Facebook’s Strategic Plan for Ultimate Victory

Have you heard of MySpace? I had, once upon a time. Now, it seems to be off the grid. Facebook on the other hand has been making a progressive march to the sea and is taking no prisoners. In February of 2007, Facebook reported 18M users, up from 7.5M 7 months earlier. (Edited) Toronto claims 1 in 10 Torontonians as Facebook users (approximately the size of the Baltimore City population).

Facebook’s success has not been overnight. When it began, it was created as a closed social network for primarily high school and college students. Users would be able to join Facebook if they had a valid email address from a registerd University or other school. There was a smaller percentage of workplace networks where users could join if they had a valid company email address, but by and large these networks were much smaller due to reluctance of companies to join the social media revolution and risk employee productivity losses.