Facebook Business & Marketing Solutions – Kent Schoen, Facebook

9:53 AM – This is going to be an interesting session considering my “history of hate” with Facebook Beacon, etc. Who knows? Maybe Beacon won’t even be mentioned. We’ll see.

The description of the session is as follows:

This session will present an overview of Facebook advertising and marketing solutions, including the Facebook Social Ads system and the Facebook application platform.

Uh huh. Watch it live as I live blog this session beginning around 10:30 AM Eastern time using CoveritLive.

Facebook, Did you Get My Alimony Check?


A month or so ago, I unceremoniously ditched Facebook. Kicked it to the curb.

See, the relationship was already on the rocks. She was apparently running around my back telling other people about my habits and sending me crappy anniversary gifts like Zombie requests.

I admit not being very loyal myself. I was having an affair with Twitter and a few other lovely socialites. They made my day, my week, my life. Reinvigorated my drained human experience.

And I know you now have chat which makes it easy for you to meet new people. I could use you to meet new people to but I’m more comfortable with my oldie but goodie Skype. Heck I can even talk to MySpace with Skype – hope you’re not having withdrawals or anything.

Look, I have a lot of exes. Firefox is my ex and I was married to her for 5 years. Since the 0.7 days, really. I had to let her go because she was messing up my lifestyle, and my lifestyle is the most important thing to me. Sure, I visit her now and then because there’s things that only Firefox can give me.

So Facebook, you’re going to have to do more than remind me of where I should be. That’s just a nag mentality. If you were useful to me, we might’ve worked things out. A month on, though, I’m not missing you.

Hope you don’t mind. You have plenty of other guys to play with.

I Told You So: Blockbuster Sued over Facebook Beacon

In December, I wrote a post stating that Companies using Facebook Beacon as a marketing tool would get sued and demonstrated the privacy policies in effect at a number of the Beacon partners. One of those is Blockbuster, which as noted in the December post, was so over the top with it’s privacy policy. It’s, in fact, criminal, in my opinion.

Techcrunch is now reporting that Blockbuster is in fact being sued by a Texas woman who under the premise of a 1988 federal law called the Video Privacy Protection Act (18 USC § 2710) which was enacted after Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork was b0rked when video rental history was released during his confirmation hearing. The law prevents video rental companies from disclosing personally identifiable data regarding a member and his/her rental history.

Sidenote: Can someone do a LEXIS/NEXIS search for me and find out if this law has ever been upheld by the SCOTUS?

This is pretty important. Admittedly, I have not done any significant research into how Beacon works with partners since late last year, but at the time, the data was shared by identifiable email addresses. How else do you associate a users partner activity with a Facebook account?

This flew in the face of their privacy policy which stated:

Blockbuster will not provide User or Member e-mail addresses to business partners, unless the User or Member has provided express permission to Blockbuster.

Regardless of whether a Facebook user has opted in or out of Beacon advertising within Facebook, express opt-in is required on the Blockbuster side. And at the time, and pertinent to this lawsuit, even with consent it is criminal for video rental companies to share this kind of data, per 18 USC § 2710.

Stick around Technosailor for more of what you need to know. ;-)

Update: Online Media Daily writes, “But the Beacon platform still allegedly transmits information about people’s activity from Blockbuster to Facebook, unless they have checked a box telling Blockbuster to never send such information.” Enough said.