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Back in October, I announced my departure from WP Engine. At that time, though I didn’t talk about it on this blog, I decided to take some time off, more or less. Since 2006, I’ve been hard at work with very little time alotted to myself. I spent 2 years with b5media and jumped immediately […]

Aaron Brazell

It's Not Necessarily Who You Know

In the world of social media, there has been a dramatic shift in how business ideas and implementations get done. David Armano touches on it today where he suggests that knowing the influencers will get you much farther in your effort. In that case, it’s up to all of us to find them. Perhaps take […]

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Organizaciones que Aprenden

En una era de constante innovación es importante poder identificar las características que ayudan al éxito y crecimiento de una empresa. ¿Perteneces a una organización que aprende? ¿Alguien está encargado de mantenerse al día con las innovaciones? ¿Cuando un empleado tiene un idea innovadora, existen los mecanismos para que la empresa evalue y adapte dicha […]

Aaron Brazell

How the Macbook Air is the future of Computing

If you didn’t have a chance to see history made last week, you should go watch it. History was made with yet another computer company announcing yet another laptop with better specs than the generation before. Yet somehow, Steve Jobs’ keynote address at Macworld announcing the Macbook Air was different. Historically different. There have only […]