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10 Power Tips to Help PC Users Switch to Mac

Seems like more and more people I know are making the switch from Windows to Mac. Apparently, no one cares that the economy sucks and pundits are telling them that people just like them, Joe the Plumber as it were, are saving their money and not buying bling products like […]


Slipstream Intros, Outros and Other Multimedia Into Talkshoe Calls

So, if you’ve noticed, I’m kind of a perfectionist about podcasts I do. It was one of my downfalls when I did the Suicide Fan sports show awhile ago. I wasted so much time getting details right that I finally gave up as it wasn’t my full time job and […]


Applescripting Technorati and Skype

I’ve been watching my Technorati ranking over the past few weeks and I’m happy to say it’s been climbing. In other news, I’ve been wanting to learn Applescripting. So, I put the two things together this evening and came up with my first practical AppleScript. The script does one thing. […]


Ensuring your OS X or Unix operating system Can Deal With Daily Savings Time Changes

Most of the OSes, including Windows, have made software updates available to deal with daylight savings time changes that go into effect in 2007. Here’s how to do it on OS X.


Flushing Stale DNS in Unix

In case anyone else needs this information, I’ve just figured out that 1ipconfig /flushdns that we use in the Windows world translates to 1lookupd -flushcache in Unix/Linux/Mac OS X/BSD.

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