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This is a guest post from Andrew Feinberg who is a journalist working in Washington, D.C. covering the technology policy discussions occurring on Capitol Hill. He works for Washington Internet Daily published by Warren News 6:30am – alarm 7:00am – stop ignoring the alarm 7:35am – dressed and out to […]


The Problem Microsoft Created: Mac Office 2008

About a year and a half ago, I made the switch to Mac and I have not looked back. To this day, I feel confused when I go into Windows (XP or Vista) even though I used to support XP for Northrop Grumman. When I made the switch, I was […]


NSA: in ur treo eavesdropping on u. Kthxbai

A story breaking in the security community but I’ve filed under “Does this surprise anyone, really? Come on!” has to do with smartphones running Windows Mobile. According to the filing from Cryptome.org reports that there is a Windows OS backdoor being used by the National Security Agency and agencies and […]

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