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Sublime 2 - 4 Pane Grid View

Sublime 2 Power Tools

This is a very advanced technical article. For years, as a developer, I used the fantastic Textmate software for writing code. I got used to it. It’s a power editor for Mac OS X and has bundle support (think of bundles as extensions or plugins) that enhance the functionality of […]


Impending Legal Precedent for GPL Licensing?

If you pay attention to the WordPress world, you might be aware that a landmark lawsuit is likely to be filed. I say landmark expecting that both sides will litigate and not settle – something that is desperately needed in the United States to validate and uphold the scope of […]


I’m Pro Choice. I’m Android.

We in the tech world are a fickle bunch. On one side of our brain, we scream about openness and freedoms. We verbally disparage anyone who would dare mess with our precious Internet freedoms. Many of us, especially in my WordPress community, swear allegiance to licensing that ensures data and code exchanges on open standards.


Palm Pre good, but falls short of iPhone – The Boston Globe

Objective review of the Palm Pre. I’ve used the device and I have similar concerns but the horrible AT&T network is enough to keep the iPhone out of my option hat. Palm Pre good, but falls short of iPhone – The Boston Globe.

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