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On the Jonny's Partay BlogTV Show

Thanks to Jonny Goldstein for inviting me on the Jonny’s Partay show tonight. We had a blast despite poor audio latency through much of the interview. Part I can be seen over at District of Corruption and Part II here. Or on Jonny’s site. Enjoy!


Podcasting Essentials: Finding Your Voice

This is a continuation of the series on Podcasting Essentials. Much like blogging, people who begin podcasting are not likely to be “good” immediately. Usually it takes some practice and, like blogging, time to find your voice. Good podcasters, like good bloggers, continually improve. One of the early challenges podcasters […]


Podcasting Essentials: Strength in Numbers

It’s been a few days since I first posted the first part of my series on podcasting. I wanted to continue that theme today and talk a little bit about your show format and decisions you need to make – particularly when deciding to do a show alone or with […]


Podcasting Essentials: Part I

I’m starting a new series around podcasting based on my experiences at Suicide Fan. It may be added to on an ongoing basis as I learn more and have more to share (rumor has it I’m going to get to talk to some folks at a prominent Silicon Valley podcasting […]

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