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TUTORIAL: Using Sass and Compass for managing CSS in WordPress

I don’t often write tutorials but since the rebuild of the WP Engine website some months ago, I have been turned on to the use of a brilliant combination of tools made for development in a Ruby on Rails environment. That doesn’t mean we can’t make it work for WordPress […]


Fun With Programming Languages

Tonight, a Facebook thread got a little out of control after I posted a status update that I was “mentally bankrupt.” It was a long day working on client work – a project that is just about done but past due. After some commentary by Facebook friends, we got to […]


Upgrading Ruby on Redhat EL4 for Ruby on Rails Development

We don’t typically use Ruby on Rails in house. Up until recently, I was the dev guy as well as the server guy, the support guy and all the other hats I wear. Since I don’t do Rails development, there was no reason to get it setup. Recently, with the […]

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