Will I See you in Boston? Or in San Francisco? Or in Boulder? Or in Vegas?

Just a quick note as I’m getting ready for a meetup in my honor tonight in Boston. If you’re in the Boston area and don’t have any plans for tonight, would love to see you at Boston Beer Works across from Fenway Park. Michelle Wolverton gets all the credit for organizing and pulling the event together on my last night here in Boston (Yes, I did enjoy my first game at Fenway Park the Chapel of Awesomeness, last night!)

San Francisco

Tomorrow morning, I head out to San Francisco for WordCamp 2008. This will be my third trip to the Bay Area for this very special event and I’ll be speaking for the second time (third if you include WordCamp Dallas earlier this year). WordCamp is an exciting event for bloggers, particularly WordPress bloggers. It gives an opportunity for folks to come together and get their geek on with technical WordPress know-how or enjoy the community with other sessions geared toward more generalized topics.

For my part, I’ll be attending on behalf of Lijit along with Micah Baldwin, but will also be speaking on Findability and getting information in front of readers while driving them deeper into the site. I’ll release my slide deck in Creative Commons format after the event so look for it next week.

Mile High, Colliding with the DNC

Though I don’t anticipate participating in the DNC, I will be heading to the Rockies (Boulder to be exact) to work at Lijit World Headquarters. It will be crazy with 50k people coming in to see our next president accept his nomination and all the festivities that are involved. Someone told me there were 400 parties scheduled for the DNC which makes me think that perhaps the political catch-phrase shouldn’t be “Yes We Can” and more “1 Party, 400 parties”. DNC marketing executives have not returned comment on this idea. ;-)

What’s Happening in Vegas Needs to get On Your Calendar

Finally, next month I’ll be in Las Vegas for the annual Blog World Expo. This was one of three events I planned at the beginning of the year to be at. I attended SXSW, but will miss Gnomedex so two out of three isn’t bad.

I was talking to Rick Calvert, the organizer, and he mentioned that August 22 is the absolute drop-dead date for early registration and prices will go up significantly after that. So get registered!

On a related note, I’m looking for a hotel room to crash on the night of the 22nd. Due to Dividend Miles award travel, I ended up extending my stay a day later than most people go home. So if you’re still around Vegas for that night, give me a shout. I am open to splitting a room.

Either that or the fine folks at Southwest or JetBlue, both of whom are doing a fine job in reaching out to the social media community, can comp me a ticket. ;)

So, if our worlds might collide at one of these events, please give me a shout or look me up. My phone number is 410-608-6620.

August Travels

Crazy August. The only good part is that I get to escape the crazy heat of the mid-atlantic for a good portion of the month. And I don’t really mind travelling.

Here’s the rundown. Time will be limited but if you’re around, give me a shout. Would love to grab a beer, catch up if we’ve met, get acquainted if we haven’t.

  • August 5-6: Detroit, MI – Ford Motor Company tour and blogger outreach.
  • August 12-15: Boston, Mass. – Working vacation to see the Red Sox and meet up with some of the local social media heads. There’s a party Thursday night thats open if you RSVP. Or maybe we grab coffee?
  • August 15-17: San Francisco, CA – WordCamp SF. I’ve been there for two years straight and this year isn’t going to be different. Also speaking at the event on the issue of Discoverability.
  • August 24-26: Boulder, CO – Making a brief stint over to the DNC festivities. Otherwise, hanging with the Lijit folks.

Give me a shout if our schedules might line up.

I Love the Bay Area

It may not come as a whole heap of a surprise but I love California. I’ve never been to Southern Cal but it strikes me as a little too non-fun for me. It’s full of upper crust people that are so full of themselves that anything less than People Magazine simply won’t do it.

I like regular people. People who you can have a beer with and laugh about stupid stuff. People who understand the nuances of business but yet aren’t so caught up in money to be flaky. People who understand a good work-life balance and put it into practice. I enjoy cool summers and warm winters and picturesque mountains within eyesight.

I love San Francisco.

For the second time in my life, and really, the second time in 6 months, I’m in the Bay Area. Sure, the 3 hour time change kicks my ass. I wake up at 7am here feeling like it’s 10am and I never wake up before 9am at home. The flip side of that is that I want to crash at 8pm, instead of going to a jazz club or having dinner with a colleeague.

I still love San Francisco.

See, I have expensive taste on a pauper budget. If I could choose one of two places in the world to live, it would be New York or San Francisco. It’s expensive to live in either of those places. Too expensive for my budget. That can change, of course, but right now I live in Baltimore – because it’s affordable.

I’ll never be a Giants fan or a 49ers fan. Hell, I couldn’t tell you what sport the San Jose Sharks play. But I love the atmosphere. I love the weather. On the east coast, we get super humidity thanks to trade winds from the southeast and the Gulf of Mexico. During the winter, we get Canada’s Alberta Clippers that serves to freeze my tooshie. On the west coast, the Pacific Ocean keeps me warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We drove the 101 with the top down in the convertible today. Fantastic weather.

When I was here in August, it took me three days to find someone who was not nice. In Baltimore – give me 15 minutes.

In the Bay Area, violent crime is in two-digits for a city of 6 million. In Baltimore? 300+ in a city of 300,000. In Baltimore, we have 100 degrees with 98% humidity in July. In San Francisco? 70 degrees with 10% humidity. In Baltimore, it’s 35 degrees right now. In San Francisco, it’s 55. In Baltimore, people wear ties to work because of customers. In San Francisco, it’s torn jeans because product speaks for itself.

I love this town.