More of the Same in 2008; Or: We ain't no Seesmic

It’s Monday morning and I’m sitting here at Reagan National Airport awaiting a flight to Toronto. This is my last business trip of 2007 and… when I return home on Wednesday, I’m only looking at another two business days before I entirely knock off for the year. I’ll probably blog, but no b5media (if I can help it), none of my “mini-gigs”, and generally, no social media. I say that now, of course.

I figured it was a good time to look at what you can expect from this blog, and more specifically me, in 2008.

More Travel

I traveled more than I ever did before in 2007. Met some great people from the social media community. Reacquainted myself with others. Engaged in my first public speaking engagements. In essence, 2007 for me was about a definite maturing in my professional profile. I haven’t always executed well. Some people may not like me. Others might think I don’t like them. But, I’m happy with where 2007 has taken me.

In 2008, I expect more travel and that means more of an opportunity to meet you somewhere. Though nothing is definite yet, I’m hoping to make it to Future of Web Apps Miami and New Media Expo as well as near definite appearances at SXSWi, WordCamp Dallas, WordCamp San Francisco, Gnomedex 8 and Blog World Expo 2008.

There’s also rumor of b5media doing a cross country tour, but I can neither confirm nor deny that possibility. ;-)


One of the new buzzwords getting thrown around the Web 2.0-a-sphere is “hyperlocal” – the focus on local/regional services, community and communications. While 2007 has been critical for me in developing my reach internationally and nationally, I have neglected my profile here at home. In the words of Jesus, “A prophet is not without honor save in his own country,” and while I don’t claim to be a prophet, I did predict the Ravens loss to the Miami Dolphins this past Sunday.

In 2008, I plan to cultivate the relationships that I have begun to develop in the Baltimore/Washington region more throughly. For instance, Geoff Livingston and I will be launching a Blog Talk Radio show surrounding the social media and communications environment in the Washington, D.C. area entitled “District of Corruption”. This will begin at 2pm on Tuesday, January 8.

Other potential alliances exist between myself and Nick O’Neill of Social Times and All Facebook, Mike Brenner who is looking to launch Refresh Baltimore, Ann Bernard and Keith Casey at Why Go Solo, NewMediaJim, Frank Gruber of AOL and co-founder of TECH Cocktail, Greg Cangialosi of Blue Sky Factory… and others. In the new year, I’ll be focusing a lot of my time and energy in these areas and with these people and maybe something cool will come of it.

More Original Non-English Content

Carlos Granier-Phelps has been doing a smash up job producing original Spanish language content for I’ve learned from early mistakes and provided a separate Spanish feed for this content and I expect to learn more from the experiment. I say experiment because I did this not knowing what to expect. A month and a half in and I’m seeing definite signs of traction. It’s always hard to build a new audience, so I’m grateful to Carlos for helping to spearhead this under the Technosailor banner. Social media and business is not exclusive to English speakers and so I don’t want to ignore that demographic.

In an ideal world, I’d love to see the new year bring original French and, I don’t know, Japanese content as well. We’ll see. Certainly, let me know if you’re interested in reading or writing here.

We Ain’t Seesmic

Finally, you can expect more of the same from me. In the past year, I’ve recognized that it dilutes content to force a quota on myself. I used to force myself to write once a day at least and now I only write when inspired. As a result, my content is better and more original. Traffic has shot through the roof and my subscriber count has more than doubled. Unlike Seesmic, I’m not too concerned with what critics say. ;-)

Time to get going, the plane boards soon.

Cómo Usar Google Trends para Analizar Estrategias y Mercados

Google Trends es una herramienta ofrecida por los laboratorios de Google para analizar patrones de búsqueda en Google. Con ella podemos visualizar el volúmen de búsquedas realizadas para un término en particular o comparar varios términos.

Usemos como ejemplo dos empresas que compiten por el mercado de celulares, Samsung y Sony Ericsson. Vamos a comparar las búsquedas realizadas para el término “celular sony ericsson” con las búsquedas del término “celular samsung.” Agregamos la palabra “celular” para ayudarnos a mantener la búsqueda en mercados de habla hispana (aún cuando este término se usa en Brasil también). Google Trends tiene sus limitaciones… es cuestión de conocerlas y adaptarnos.

Pueden hacer click en el gráfico para abrir la comparación en Google Trends, dónde podrán ver un análisis más detallado por país (aunque Google los llama “regiones,” en realidad no es posible ver un análisis detallado por regiones (Europa, Sur America, etc.), sólo por países).

Celulares Sony Ericsson vs. Samsung

Por supuesto que no utilizaríamos esta herramienta por sí sola, pero no sería descabellado inferir de este gráfico que la presencia de Sony Ericsson en estos mercados ha aumentado en la mente de los consumidores durante el último año. Sin embargo, es importante combinar esta herramienta con otras herramientas de análisis de búsquedas y probar varios términos relacionados antes de sacar conclusiones (por ejemplo, vean esta comparación usando los términos “celulares sony” vs. “celulares samsung” para que vean como puede cambiar el gráfico).

¿Has usado Google Trends como herramienta de análisis? ¿Qué otra herramienta utilizas día a día? Déjanos un comentario compartiendo tu experiencia.

We're going Spanish!

Well, we are not entirely going Spanish, but for some time, I’ve been dreaming about breaking this blog into the Spanish speaking community. The challenge always was – I don’t speak Spanish. I mean, I read it okay (Thank you, two years in NYC!) but I can’t write it and what’s a guy to do about breaking into Spanish language content if he doesn’t actually speak Spanish?

Enter Carlos Granier-Phelps. Carlos is the CEO at RED66 in the Miami-Dade area. His firm works with companies trying to navigate social media, blogging and the strange new world out there. I was introduced to Carlos a few weeks ago (follow him on Twitter, by the way) and we have been talking since then.

In addition to his work at RED66, Carlos also is deeply involved in RefreshMiami, part of the Refresh movement that is popping up in Cities around the country and around the world including here in DC.

Carlos’ niche is very similar to mine – examining the trends in the internet world, particularly as they relate to social media, and figuring out how those trends translate into real life applications – for individuals and for business.

As usual, I’m still around flinging whiz about this stuff in English and Geoff Livingston will continue his weekly Thursday public relations column. So, welcome Carlos. Mi casa es su casa.