iPhone Lawsuit – Kettle? Please meet the pot.

I find it ironic that during the Macworld Keynote yesterday where Steve Jobs boasted about the 200 patents for the iPhone and how they would enforce them that they get a lawsuit for the one thing they couldn’t protect.

So Kettle, please meet the pot. It will be a fun topic of discussion and give Apple free press for the next 6 months.

My guess? I am betting it becomes the ApplePhone. Cisco will keep the name and their product will continue to suck and not make money. Apple will change the name and everyone will go “that’s great”!

It all depends on branding strategy. It seemed like the “i” was for consumer electronics and the Mac was for computers. With the iTV now AppleTV, I just don’t know.

Could it be…..

NOW: AppleTV

NOW: iPhone

This will have to be worked out by June, no matter what.

Maryland is upping their startup game

As an entrepreneur in the MD/DC/Northern VA area, I am glad to see this from a press release yesterday:

The Greater Baltimore Technology Council (GBTC) said on Monday that it is partnering with the Kauffman Foundation to make Kauffman eVenturing — a web site created specifically for
entrepreneurs — available for the first time to Maryland entrepreneurs. The site offers original articles written by entrepreneurs, as well as other articles and tools designed to help entrepreneurs grow their companies.


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Predictions 2007 – Gaming Industry

I don’t have alot on the gaming business right now.

I might be burned out from the prediction thing. Nevertheless, there are three major things I am seeing that will happen in 2007.

MMORPG’s are going to connect at a meta level. Someone is going to create a true metaverse where everyone will connect at a top layer.

Wii will lose its novelty and become the hacking platform of choice. I dub thee “The new Amiga”.

PS3 has better sales but stays elite and the rumored $2500 version bombs here but is a hit in Japan.

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