Aaron Brazell

del C:\WIN – A Goodbye to Windows 3.1

The end of an era has arrived for a legend in computing. Windows 3.1, the first widely accepted foray into graphical user interface operating systems from Microsoft, has reached its End of Life. The BBC covered the story noting, “[It] helped Microsoft establish itself and set the trend for how it makes its revenues, and […]

Aaron Brazell

NSA: in ur treo eavesdropping on u. Kthxbai

A story breaking in the security community but I’ve filed under “Does this surprise anyone, really? Come on!” has to do with smartphones running Windows Mobile. According to the filing from reports that there is a Windows OS backdoor being used by the National Security Agency and agencies and contractors employed by the federal […]

Aaron Brazell

Has Windows Vista Been Released?

I ask the question, “Has Windows Vista been released?” in a tounge-in-cheek sort of way. Of course, I know it has, but to be honest I wasn’t aware until about 3 days after it had been released and the only way I found out was because I was watching a TiVo’d episode of Jon Stewart when Bill Gates was on. I simply don’t care. (Apparently, according to search engine traffic, alot of people seem to care though).

When I worked with Windows on a daily basis in my former life, I was acutely aware of Microsoft news and tracked Vista development. When I switched to Mac in October 2006 (remember the interview about my switch?), I mostly forgot about Microsoft. Well, I remember every month on patch Tuesday when Microsoft Office for Mac recieves updates and I have to reboot the computer, but I digress.

Chris Garrett wonders if this Windows was one Windows too many: