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Aaron Brazell

WordPress FAQ: Benefits of Tagging

What advantages obtain from direct tagging, whether manually or by widget, vice using the WP category? This question comes from James Joyner. This is a widely-held debate, so I’ll provide my own opinion. ;-) As far as Technorati, and perhaps Google Blog Search is concerned, WordPress categories and tags are one and the same. However, […]

Aaron Brazell

WordPress FAQ: Democracy Poll Feature

Why doesn’t the democracy feature allow for polls asking for voters to “check all that apply?” Democracy is a great little plugin that allows for polls on WordPress blogs. I have a lot of history with the Democracy plugin, but fortunately the plugin has come a loooong way and improved quite a bit. I asked […]

Aaron Brazell

WordPress FAQ: User Roles Confusion

I’ve seen the roles list in the User page. But what’s the difference between an Author and a Contributor? There are five built in roles in WP2.0+. These roles, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber compartmentalize most of the groups of functionality in WordPress. Naturally, Administrators can do everything. If you own a multi-author blog, […]