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WordPress FAQ: How Do I Use Child Pages More Effectively?

Hidden child pages on front page of site in new version of wordpress… any simple tutorial on making this happen or any plans on making this a function of wordpress in the future? It would really help wordpress have better functionality for those of us who also use it as […]


WordPress FAQ: Where did my Preview Link Go?

Where the hell did my “Preview Post” button go? We lost it with the Upgrade to 2.1, and I want it back. This question comes from Cory Aldrich who echoes the sentiments of many WordPress users. In WordPress 2.1, the iframe that loaded the site in a window below the […]


WordPress FAQ: How Do I Use Category Themes?

Is it possible to have different layouts, theme or links depending on the category the user has clicked? This question comes from Milo Riano. Milo wants to be able to have what I call a “flexi-site”. A Flexi-site is a site that is flexible in terms of display options or […]


WordPress FAQ: What's up with the Amazon Plugin with WP 2.1.x?

How do I use the new version of the Amazon plugin? It never brings up what I am looking for and its very annoying. I want to be able to use it the way it was before the WP upgrade. This question comes from Shannon Nelson who is complaining about […]


WordPress FAQ: How Do I combine Blogs?

This morning, one of our bloggers posted a question in our internal forum. She was seeking guidance on how to take a few (three) blogs and combine them. I provided three solutions for her and decided, in the process, that I would kick start my braindead blogging (lately) into a […]

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