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For over 8 years, I have been providing consulting services for a wide variety of companies and organizations. From massive, international software companies to non-profits and NGOs, I have been delivering complex WordPress integrations. Please note that I do not do "site work". In other words, you really don't want me designing a website for you. Unless you have no respect for yourself or your customers. :) But I'll build functionality and data solutions that will make your world spin. Get in contact today with as much information as you can to help me develop a quote suited to your needs.
  • This should be the website that will be worked on.
  • Please describe in as much detail as possible what exactly you need to accomplish. Avoid technical tactics you think will solve the problem unless you know. We are going for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Tell me what that is. If necessary, prioritize according to must have, want to have, and would be nice. Keep in mind that while you know all about your business, I know nothing and this is your opportunity to bring me up to speed. If I understand, then the project will be much smoother.
  • When would you like to have this done and when does it absolutely have to be done?
  • I have no intention of jacking prices to fill your budget, but knowing the ballpark that you are willing to pay informs me as to whether this project should be referred elsewhere or performed in-house.
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