Timecapsule Plugin 1.0.3

A few of you have been asking me about when Timecapsule (initially released on Problogger) would be WordPress 2.1 compliant. The time is now and not yet.

For those who wish to download and test (please do!), you can do so via SVN:

svn co http://svn.b5media.com/svn/timecapsule/trunk

Or download the nightly.

I am looking to take this plugin to the next level and build features so speak up if you want features. Hart, this means you. And anyone else. :-)

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    PS: This is currently on http://1800HART.com/picks/ sidebar .. and more blogs to come next weekend (I’ll post them as I convert)

    Here are some thoughts for future revisions… as previously begged shamelessly in either emails or other postings!

    1) You what would be a great option? In the Manage/TimeCapsule menu when “Display Message when no posts are returned?” option .. it would be great if there was a 3rd option besides yes or no .. (3) Leave last post until new post arrives..

    EG I just noticed that my next post is tomorrow 1/31/2006 .. but after that February 6/2006 … without maintenance, it would be just showing my “Slow posting day” message for 6 days .. where, instead maybe it could hold onto the January 1/31/2006 post in a bucket until it’s replaced?

    2) This plugin would be great if there is an ADDITIONAL way to post time capsule from date of posts as well current World Date. For instance: (a) In the sidebar I might leave code as is .. posts 1 year ago from today’s date (b) after the end of each post, just with related posts and searches .. code relates to posted date exactly 1 year ago (or 3mo 6mo etc) from the post date

    3) Similar Thoughts where in addition to a comment on slow posting days, the option to make that a linkable URL or image to show up

    Other than that .. the whole concept is great to help archives get exposure. Keep up the continued work and support!

  2. I meant the REAL time where ever the blog is located. If I were to look at the the time capsule – it’s 1-year from January 31, 2007 even though my computer may be reset to be December 28, 2003 or whatever.

    The suggestion was to perhaps include posts such that if I were to scroll the front page, and put the code after my January 15th post, I could display posts from Jan 15th, 2006. Tomorrow, the same posts would still be there not Feb 1

  3. Hi, I tried using your plugin tonight, and the results coming back are from TODAY, not a year ago.

    Is there something that needs to be tweaked in the php code to compensate for this?

  4. FYI, I’m not using the pretty permalink structure if that makes a difference…

    Due to the very organized layout of my site, all my posts have a simple link format:

    http://mysite.com/archives/1234 no matter how old they are. Does that mess up this plugin?

    If so, is there an easy way to re-write the code so that it works properly?

    I knew being off-standard with my links I’d run into issues like this!

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