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Exclusive Podcast: Performancing Sold to Splashpress Media

David Krug on the Sale of Performancing to Splashpress Media.

  • Aaron can’t pronounce Dave’s last name.
  • David will be running the site and Splashpress Media will be operating it.
  • The status of Nick Wilson and Patrick Gavin – they will continue to develop the Scribefire plugin (formerly Performancing for Firefox).
  • The goals and intents of Performancing going forward revolving around community and ad sales and metrics.
  • The surprise that is the Performancing purchase/turnaround.
  • Competing with Text Link Ads?
  • CPA Network for bloggers? Is that really effective?
  • Is there a new approach to blog advertising in the future of Performancing?
  • Keeping the Performancing brand?
  • Music by STAN.

Update: Title updated. Partners was not sold. was, however. Via Darren.


  1. Great interview. Congrats David, Nick and Patrick

  2. Random Person Random Person

    Nick fucks another business, screwing over loads of people on his way.

    Every thing Nick touches seems to turn to shit. How long before his latest ventures fuck up and his clients regret it ?

  3. I tried making it clear earlier but the site was sold to SplashPress, I merely negotiated the sale.

    Journalists. :)

    Thanks for the time Aaron.

  4. And just when I thought Technosailor was going to be sold … ;)

    t @ dji / bh

  5. also scribefire has an e.

    when did i start spellchecking?

  6. Heh. Whoops on the title. Fixed, although the URL will have to stay the same. Also fixed the Scribefire plugin spelling.

  7. Tony: Technosailor will still be sold, hopefully. :) Then maybe you’ll be doing the exclusive podcast. :)

  8. Aaron — I just have to get to start *doing* podcasts while not getting annoyed by the sound of my own voice.

    But once I do, I might. ;)


  9. I’m sure that Performancing Partners has a ton of satisfied customers who are very excited about this news.

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