2 Replies to “XM and Sirius to Merge”

  1. Probably not. It was a number of years ago that the FCC said “no dice” to the proposed merge of DirecTV and Dish Network – highly doubt this one would be any different, but of course, I have been wrong before :)

  2. Well I was going to write a lengthy article about this, but your site will do fine Aaron ;)

    I think what’s more horrifying is the fact that if this becomes successful what’s the likely hood my already jacked up rate will continue to climb because they have to pay for integration, kill half the staff and push all the costs onto our backs?

    Kinda pisses me off too since I was never a Sirius fan, can’t stand Stern and everything he stands for, and when he went to Sirius I celebrated a small victory for free radio LOL

    I will keep a close eye on this merger, and I’m hoping it doesn’t pass muster

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