Poll: Job Searching

It strikes me, six months after I started my job with b5media, that I still have all the email notifications come to inbox as I did before. It also strikes me that, while I glance at them all, I don’t really look very closely anymore. I’m curious what your feelings are on job searches. At some point, everyone goes through them. When you go into job search mode, what sources do you use? Feel free to add other sources in comments.


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  1. Ah, the job search! I’ve been on many a one!
    As a career coach, though, a job search is a job! About 30-40 hours a week.
    First, who are you, really? Not a job role, but a real person who wants to accomplish what?
    Second: Do you know what you can do well when no one is looking?
    Thirdly: Networking is NOT about gimme’ gimme’ gimme’. It is about GIVING AND GETTING.
    Fourthly: Research, research, research. Online gives you a one dimensional picture. It is real people you want to meet.
    Use all methods. A thank you note is not old fashioned, it’s part of the GIVING.
    Cheers, Marilyn

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  2. 3 of my jobs have been by talking to people I know that work there, either they came to me or I talked to them. The other job was through the paper.


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