Conversation Surrounding Windows Vista

I don’t normally take one post and turn it into another one via the comments, but I am making an exception today. The reason for the departure in usual tack is that I wrote a joking post back in February of 2006 about Windows Vista. The crazy thing is that today it is ranked extremely high for the search term “problems with windows vista” (#2 in Google at this writing). Bingo. Jackpot. The post sat idle for almost a year until Microsoft released Vista and then, what do you know, it now is one of the biggest traffic magnets at this site.

The crazy thing is that since I don’t usually talk about Windows Vista, or Operating System stuff in general, the conversation surrounding Vista stays isolated to that post. And the truth is, regular readers never see the post – even though there’s quite the lively conversation going on over there.

So I’m taking the comments that really have nothing to do with the post, summarizing them here in this post, and turning all of you loose so more people can participate in the dialog. (Spelling and typos corrected)

To start with, commenter “Vandal” comments:

Last time I checked, Mac is the only OS that ever shows up in movies. In any case, Windows Vista is a “œWholly Crap! NIGHTMARE!” “¦ You talk about wanting my $256 back really bad right about now. I could send you a boatload of error “œsnippets” that I’ve taken in Vista Home Premium in the past couple of hellish days since buying it. I’m almost in tears it’s so freakin’ bad. I have a nice clean version”¦still in the plastic”¦of WIN 95. I think I’m going to install it on a dual boot just so I can use my computer again.

Reader “ash” states:

I have a dual core AMD and 2 gigs of ram, at times it runs great. But 3 quarters of the time the system resources are such a hog that it is like i am running on a p3 with 256 mb of ram. Vista is crap right now and i hope for everyones sake Microsoft addresses this issue in the near future, otherwise Mac may be the way of the future. That would be most unfortunate cause all our computers would then look like a little childs computer.Don’t believe the hype of an OS that has been put out 4 years before it was actually ready.

Vizagg adds:

CD burnt on Vista are having problem recognizing in Windows XP. It says file is corrupted, etc. .. Ha Ha.. wasted two CDs.. They really need to think again.

Cruise says:

I have to laugh at some of the comments given about Vista, and i feel for those of you that took the jump to purchase Vista. Bad move. Whats more i can see that more than half of you are computer and OS saavy,so i sit here scratching my head wondering why you would buy it. Take a tip reformat your computers and reinstall Win XP, save yourselves the stress lol.

Keith Brooks makes the comment:

I purchased Vista Home Premium and it truly suck’s . Windows Update takes 8 or more times downloading updates to actually install them.

It has downloaded definition updates for Windows Defender and failed to install them for over 2 weeks.
The Free 3 Month’s of Tech Support that come’s with Vista is a joke. I e-mailed them last Sunday and still haven’t recieved any real answer’s or solutions for the numerous problem’s this o.s. has caused.

I ran the Upgrade Advisor at Microsoft’s website before Christmas and it said my p.c. could handle Vista Ultimate , if I removed X.P.’s Power Toys and updated my Video Card driver.

Now , I get error message’s when I try to use my Lexmark X7170 Printer ,
One Touch 2 portable H.D. and it also doesn’t recognize my T.V. tuner / F.M. radio card.

It recognized all this and said everything I just listed was compatible.

Did Microsoft change the Vista compatibilities since before Christmas when I ran there Upgrade Advisor at there Web Site for it .

What a joke and nightmare rolled into one.

P.S. If your considering Vista repeatedly rethink about it as Aero , User Account / Parental Control’s and Media Center aren’t worth the headache’s for the price any version of Vista cost’s.

Be very careful in your decision making , when it com’s to Vista as it could be another 5 years for the next version from Redmond .

RyanDigitalArtist came up with the latest diatribe:

WINDOWS VISTA IS NOT CRAP, its just a long way from finished, what they seemed to have done was release the beta in the form of a final copy. AND WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE ““> dont you remember when xp came out, it had a million more problems than vista has now. Never forget the past, wait a year then buy it, they should have the major bugs fixed by then and then all will be good.

To which David Nick responded:

Say RyanDigitalArtist?

If all we had in this country to drive were Ford Escorts or Yugo’s and you didn’t own a Yugo because it wasn’t well known, so Escorts were your thing, and then because of the lack of diversity you were forced to endure malfunctions, driving along at highway speeds when suddenly your car craps out on you, and each 5 years you waited for a new version of an escort only to see the same damn thing happen”¦.tell me”¦how long you’d defend Ford because their last Escort had the same problems and it only took them 5 years to work the kinks out?

Seems to me your are defending the indefensible. There is no reason to release Vista when it’s obviously flawed while they have XP and in its current state seems to work. Why not focus on fixing the problems and security with the current one rather than force us to swallow yet another mega-blunder?

Strange eh?

I think it’s best to carry the conversation here? What do you think?

36 Replies to “Conversation Surrounding Windows Vista”

  1. I was wondering why you closed down the old one….now I know! :) It’s too bad that RyanDigitalArtist doesn’t want to carry on an “intelligent debate” in this article.

    Obviously since your posting the original vista article, there has continued to be more and more problems brought to light.

    Given, any time you install a new OS, and you have experience doing it, you know that not everything you have currently will run on the new OS. Having said that however, after all the manufacturer’s went and released products that said “Vista Compatible” and then weren’t upon installing Vista is a serious problem.

    Is this Microsoft’s fault? I would say yes. Why? because obviously they changed SOMETHING in the code to offset the compatibility with the compliant hardware/software. I’ve seen that happen before after making code changes and compiling the new product.

    So, while all other producers have tested their stuff on some form of Vista, can’t fully be held responsible when their product doesn’t work.

    But of course, I am preaching to the choir here, and Vista still blows chunks.

  2. Quote RyanDigitalArtist:

    this is a fallacy, you make references to something completely different, if you don’t want to use vista, don’t, but the people who do will tell Microsoft what the problems are and help them finish it off even faster.

    Hmmm, Just out of curiosity, why should i have to fork out over 200 dollars to do bug research for Microsoft. Vista Just doesn’t impress me. It’s so typical of Microsoft to release something half assed.

  3. I was looking at computers today and I was testing one out that had vista on it. I didnt see any bugs up front but then I didnt install anything.

    I noticed a lot of little things that I found annoying. I like things like firefox that come relitivly simple and you can choose to add things. For some reason I didnt feel that replacing start with an image was the right move.

    the main problem I had with vista was thing were almost too similar. I’m comfortable with xp’s style so I’d rather have it than an os with things shifted around just a bit.

  4. Thank you sooo much!!! I have to buy a computer this week and it was a choice of one with vista installed or one with XP installed. For now I think I will stick to XP because from everything I’ve read…Vista isn’t quite ready yet….

  5. Hey ryan Vista blows and is indeeeeeed A PIECE OF CRAP. I have a magizene called max comps. and VISTA DOES SUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  6. I bought a new HP Media Center with Vista Home Premium. I don’t run into a LOT of the same problems as above, but yes, there are problems. Does Microsoft not release the Vista syatem to software companies prior to its public release? It would be nice if the programs we all want to use had updated drivers ready for us to install….A simple thing like downloading a JPEG file was a problem. It said Windows does not support this format. It’s a JPEG! And the whole “Cancel or Allow” thing is quite irritating to even have included in the OS. If I didn’t want to give permission to open a program, I wouldn’t have clickd on it to begin with. Why does it ask me for premission to open my own programs? I’m still holding onto my faith in this n OS, ut in the back of my mind I remember that the store I bought it from will take it back with no questions asked. They specifically told me so…I bet they’ve taken back a few.

  7. despite the minor driver issues, i have no real problems with vista and like it very much, and it is sufficent speedy, especially for the system im running in on

    1.3ghz p4 512mb rambus 800mhz
    128mb nvidia fx 5600

    just give MS a little time along with other vendors to work the bugs out and everyone will adopt vista like xp was…. which also was plagued with problems upon release

  8. “A customer walks into a computer store and asks “I’m looking for a mystery adventure game, something with a lot of graphics. You know, a real challenge?” “Well,” replied the clerk “have you tried Windows Vista?” ”


  9. people are so blind… do you like vista just for those “GREAT”effects? install suse 10.1 or run kororaa and yu wll see effects that will blow your mind, and you dont neet to pay 600 dollars for a 8800 gtx or 250 for a copy of the worst os ever created… linux is free, works better and can run in any computer… about performance? i dont remember where.. but i read a article where they compare vista and xp… the result? THE SAME THING!!! but the only different? you need a super computer to run vista… make you a favor… before you buy vista try it… there are a lots of torrents over there… download a copy and try the 30 days, install all stuff you thing you will use and put this crap to work as i did… windows vista is a crap!!! DON’T BUY IT!!!

  10. Windows VISTA is a DUD!
    I wonder if Microsoft knows this?
    I went out and purchased a copy of vista first week in February after reading online hype about how great it is. Its far from great its complete garbage thats right garbage! And I paid $168 for it. Would wal-mart refund me? NO! I called Microsoft would they refund me? NO! I have a dual core AMD CPU and doing nothing but being at the desktop I watched the CPU usage climb to 100% Wow whats going on? RAM usage 700 to 800MB WOW WHAT A HOG! good thing I have 2GB DDR2 this is completely uncalled for! What a joke what a beast what a hog! In my honest opinion id say you need at least 4GB of RAM to make it run efficient. Forget about what you have now it wont run in Vista your printer,digital camera,GPU card,software,programs. heck half the buttons on my HP keyboard refused to work NO JOKE! Im so serious. Anyway Im happy now I took out my 18 XP recovery disc Installed XP problem solved.
    Still cant find out what to do with the Vista DVD oh well lesson learned.

  11. Pretty much, mac sucks. That’s why Apple hit the portable mp3 player market big time, they can’t get a smidgeon of the server market, and as far as desktop PCs go… they’re just really expensive proprietary boxes with minimal third party software available and a pointlessly different way of doing everything.

    If I had the money to throw down on a new macbook i would buy it for its hardware quality just to put windows vista on it and possibly run a dual boot with osx for the heck of it. For that amount of money though i could just get something else like a brand new Panasonic Toughbook w/touchscreen. In my opinion Mac OS is more stupid proof than windows is so its good for some. If windows vista was really as bad as what everyone is saying here, then computer stores would be pulling vista off the shelf and new computers would come preinstalled with a different OS instead of vista.

  12. John,

    No offense meant by this, but your comments to me are rather defeatist and this is why:

    First of all, for someone to say Mac Sucks because they ran away from the desktop PC market into mp3’s for $$$$$ is a ludicris statement.

    Realize that the PC market wouldn’t have been anywhere it is today without Mac. Granted, Mac’s were incredibly expensive in the 1980’s, but they did pave the way.

    Of course, that’s not the only reason to celebrate Mac.

    Secondly, you said: “they’re just really expensive proprietary boxes with minimal third party software available and a pointlessly different way of doing everything.”

    Competition is what drives down the cost of your “Windoze” box. Not lack thereof. Also, while the cost is considerably higher than buying a $300 Emachine, you are getting a more stable OS. Hands down, Bar None. There is no one else out there with the stability of OS X. Largely that’s impart to Apple’s focus on its OS and not whipping out new ones as fast as they can before fully testing them.

    Thirdly, you then said: “If windows vista was really as bad as what everyone is saying here, then computer stores would be pulling vista off the shelf and new computers would come preinstalled with a different OS instead of vista.”

    Since when do local retail stores affect decisions on purchasing preinstalled systems with Windows? LMAO! Most computer retailers get their PCs in bulk from other manufacturer’s like HP, Dell, Gateway, etc. It’s those people who load the OS’s on machines. Retailers have a total HAND OFF approach to installations. The Geek Squad (Best Buy), and Circuit City’s FireDog people are secondary and were bought out because Best Buy wanted to handle/manage inhouse tech support to their customers. That too was a business decision by the giant retailers.

    That being said, only Microsoft pulls their OS’s off the shelves because they recalled them.

    You need to have a better understanding of the market before you make half-guesses/assumptions.

    Mac isn’t for everyone, and no one here is saying it is, some of us have been around a long time and realize Microsoft could be doing a better job and leading the industry but they choose not to. Without Mac, and others we wouldn’t have any where else to turn to for examples and MS would turn out even worse products (assumption on my part, but more realistic).

  13. Good point. I just wanted to throw my comment out there to see what would be said about it. No question about it apple/mac makes great hardware. Probably one of the best hardware brands out there when you remove the whole battle of the Operating System wars from the mix. As a consumer I enjoy watching computers and technology become more and more advanced and as the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for” I think that if you are trying to buy a budget windows vista machine you will be disappointed since vista is so new. It seems that cheaper is better for the majority of computer buyers (especially since things get outdated so fast) so now most businesses and households are using windows based computers because of discount or aftermarket hardware and stuff and Microsoft Office. It seems that Microsoft is trying to compete more than ever with Mac to be more on the same level of stability and features so in my opinion to run vista at its full potential you probably have to buy really high quality hardware (computer) for it to work the way it was designed to.

    my problem is that all the software and hardware I have purchased over the years is for windows so I don’t think I would upgrade to anything that was not compatible or not going to be compatible with the data and accessories I already have.

    But on the other hand, what the hell do I know…

  14. Hello

    Just wanted to say that this thread started beautifully, when it was serious about the vista problems, I read every post, until it started deviating to comparison of sellers and companies and other stuff.

    I would think posting about vista, and its bugs and fixes would probably help more people, than comparing 2 companies, or 2 hardware vendors and posting facts that – I am sure – most people know about.

    No offense meant by this post to anyone, just stating an opinion.


  15. Well cool. I didn’t mean to cause the discussion to stray away from its intended path. I was just trying to get the point across that in general if your hardware suks (or is too old) then your operating system will suk regardless of bugs or glitches in the OS. I think that hardware is a very valid point when talking about problems with windows vista. A general example of this is having a USB sound card that works fine in 32 bit Windows XP because it uses a 32 bit driver. Then you upgrade to 64 bit Windows vista and your sound card no longer works because the sound card manufacturer has not released a 64 bit driver that will enable you to use the device in Windows vista. You would then have no choice but to wait for an updated driver to be released for your device. The cause of the problem in that case would be the hardware you are using even though there is nothing wrong with it. You could either blame microsoft for that or you can blame the manufacturer of the sound card for not having a new driver ready on time.


  16. Johnrr, you make a good point however there are plenty of people who are more than hardware-saavy (Chris Pirillo comes to mind) that are past hardware issues and recognizing that Vista truly does suck. A guy I work with has a brand new HP laptop with Vista loaded out of the box and though the system time is correct, the time widget won’t work. This is just one example and goes beyond hardware. Yes Vista sucks. XP sucks too but thats just me the Macboy talking. At least XP was better than Vista.

  17. Putting the “Macboi” comment aside for a moment I would correct you only to say XP IS better than Vista. Not was. That’s a minor correction I know, but quite valid.

    As a computer geek who has spent thousands of dollars on hardware/software just in my short lifetime, I should have the choice when and WHOM I want to be a beta tester for.

    I NEVER want to buy a “Gold” released version of someone’s OS and pay the high cost of ownership to instead be their beta tester.

    I could care less what MS’s excuse is to justify their actions it’s completely reckless of them to operate this way.

  18. Good information. I agree, why should someone have to be a beta tester for a new OS? we definately wont get paid for our efforts. And about the time wigit thing, that changes my thinking about it quite a bit. I posted my comments to try to balance out the argument a little. I have heard that windows vista has A LOT more limmitations and restrictions than XP does. Does anyone know anythign about that?

  19. To start off with i like PC’s and Mac’s alike, they both have their high points and their low points. I work on a mac all day at work and come home to my new Vista laptop. Now the first couple weeks seemed fine but, i started installing stuff on their such as games and other required programming and all of a sudden it seems that it is getting a little slower. I try to run Half-Life 2 and it dies halfway through the frist 15 min of the game. Ive heard rumors of compatibility issues and now i guess i am seeing that first hand. I do agree that Vista COULD be a good OS Microsoft just as usual let their product out a little ahead of schedule. I used to work at SOE and they do the same thing lol.

  20. yeah I just receved a new laptop with windows vista and as i suspected, it runs flawlessly. Its almost just like XP but with a ton of extra features. The system came with only 512mb of ram which caused it to run way slower than it should but saved me a ton on the original purchase price. I immediately upgraded the ram to 1536MB (1gb stick + 512mb stick) and now its the fastest computer in the house. I didnt experience any of the problems you all were talking about and my opinion is that vista is better than windows XP for sure.

  21. I have to use Vista at work and have pretty powerful PC to push it… performance is enough fast, but compatibility with other apps and hw is lousy. Had to give up my ACDSee8 because it wouldn’t run, my HP scanner refused to work flat out, XSI5.11 (and even 6) had problems especially with aeroglass (drivers… I know), and I absolutely HATE the bloody file exploder which shows every gooddamn directory differently – can someone tell me how I can force it to show “list& details” ONLY in EVERY directory???

  22. I built (at a local PC store here in Queens, NY) a new computer with top of the line everything costing me over 2.5 grand in Jan. 07 (not counting the cost of Vista and MS Office 2007 among other PC software also purchased at the same time. And all this because of hearing how Vista was to be as close to featureful OS X and reliable as possible. So since working on OS X at work (and appreciating it more and more each day) I figured I would not lose all the money I invested in my PC software by getting a PC that now ran as fast as an OS X Mac.

    Now I want to get rid of this damn thing and get my money back for this worthless piece of garbage sold to me by Microsoft called VISTA Ultimate.

    In Feb. I purchased a Microsoft wireless Keyboard/Mouse combo bundle ‘Designed For Vista’ at Costco, and luckily they took it back a few weeks later cause the scroll wheel only went in one direction on certain apps and the programmed buttons sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t (try scroll-zooming in Google Earth—and be forced to zoom only in only one direction and see how fun that is), and this was not due to the receiver/transmitter being too far – unless you think 5 inches is too far. To add insult to injury Microsoft knows about this mouse flaw and they are still selling it as DESIGNED FOR VISTA – with NO UPDATES or PATCHES. Meanwhile, using a wireless Logitech mouse works fine when it comes to scrolling but since drivers are still in purgatory you can’t program the mouse buttons to take advantage of key features Microsoft tries to sell us on. Doh!

    Then is all the security annoyance which I have gotten used to. And if you add MS OneCare – then your computer asks you not twice but 3 times if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to install this or that.

    And since I first started using Vista, it does not even shut down properly. Not ever!!! Whether I put it to sleep or ‘shut it down, it either reboots on its own or when you think it is totally shut down (not asleep mind you – no blinking led lights – no sign of life whatsoever) it comes back to life with the movement of the mouse (and I do not even have timed-sleep or power savings features enabled!!!) and to top that off – it always blocks access to the Internet… so I always have to reboot after it boots!

    I have only worked with a Mac (OS X) for 2.5 yrs since I got this job and since then I was probably the biggest supporter of Windows – with all its flaws – cause I thought Macs only supported a one button mouse – so how productive can one be to work with such a primitive device? Well, let me tell you, since day one at work, the G5 running in my cubicle has always had a multi-button Microsoft mouse plugged into it and has worked flawlessly. All the buttons are programmable and switching from screen (app) to screen (called Expose) when multi tasking is awesome and ALWAYS works. And I am amazed how I totally forget to save 20 times an hour fearing I will lose my work in a flash. I never shut it down except when it installs automatic updates, and when it reboots, all network links are relinked – wow – what a concept. Things actually working as they are meant to. And this is OS X Tiger (can you imagine all the cool things lined up for Leopard coming out in a couple of months?!). And when the next OS becomes available IT won’t have to reinstalls all the applications – with Mac you just install your OS and everything else just works better and faster – unlike Windows where if you or Windows XP or Vista sneeze the wrong way you have to reinstall everything OS and ALL. Yey, fun.

    So to make a short story long, I am sooooo done with Windows.

    Since I now (very badly) want to buy myself a MacPro for home or a MacBook Pro laptop, I need to get rid of my PC (housed in a LianLi aluminum case with temp blue lit front panel gauge built it). Yeah it looks beautiful, but since I am not a gamer – it along with VISTA is useless. So if anyone wants to buy a kick-ass Vista PC running at dual 2.4 Intel with 2 gigs ram? Give me a holer! I’m moving on to greener pastures :)

  23. for the ACDSee8 that you cant get to run, did you try running the software compatibility mode when you did the install? see link below. hope it works for you but if not it would be good to know about.

    about the custom built PC, you should try barrowing a copy of XP from a friend and installing it (as a dual boot or whatever) without registering to see what the difference is on your specific system. one of my friends spent $1500+ on a gaming system running windows XP and his bios (or something) has crashed twice and now his USB ports don’t work. His hard drive and windows runs fine in my dell tower but goes to blue screen when we put the hard drive w/same copy of windows back in his system. the bios says there is no hard drive installed even though the windows screen pops up for a minute before it crashes. If you still experience the same problems after installing XP then at least you will know to take it back to the guy you bought it from because at that point it would obviously be a hardware problem.

  24. I bought a Laptop for uploading all our current software like AUTOCAD and VPN , etc…. most of them crashed (not the ms propietary software). I took back that Office Depot and exchanged it for one with XP.

    Vista has no compatibility to XP…nor to current versions of autocad , vpn, and I think all the software around there …

    At home I will move away from Microsoft… I am going to Mac or Linux

  25. Honestly, I bought a brand new laptop about 2-3 months ago that is completely decked out in RAM with a Core 2 Duo processor. It came installed with Windows Vista and needless to say, I’ve restored this computer like 4 times because of the massive amount of fallacies with Windows Vista. Not only am I disappointed in Microsoft for putting such a crappy OS out there but I am actually considering going back to Windows XP. I’ve never used an OS with so many issues problems in my life. I miss Windows 98, at least it worked a lot better…

  26. One other thing I must point out, I myself keep having the “blue screen of death” come up with errors like Windows has experienced a sudden stop and has been shut down to prevent damage to your pc or even “Windows has encountered an Error in a Non_System_Paging_Sector and must restart”. I can’t fix this… I’ve done all I know how to do and the fact is… Vista is just a pathetic excuse for an operating system. I’ve tried everything to fix this screen and it keeps happening. Again, Microsoft could try so much harder to bring us quality products like Apple does. Apple shows the consumer on numerous accounts that THEY CARE!!! Microsoft does not.

  27. My son received a brand new computer with vista for his birthday. And he is ready to smash it to pieces. It freezes several times a day. I think I am going to spend $100 and buy a windows xp disk and totally dump the vista.

  28. wow you people are retarded, stop toting xp because it’s superior, It’s Not!!! Vista is lil more than a year old and xp is riding on 8 or 9 years of updates and fixes. Do any of you even remmeber the original xp release? I doubt it, it was ridden with more bugs and crap than vista ever was. You guys are doing the same thing that people did when they had to change from win98 to xp or for that matter ANY new OS. There’s ALWAYS bugs and lil fixes required. Even in linux and those. I’ve had Vista since the week it came out and have never had a problem with it, it runs perfectly. And yes I use it hardcore for gaming, school and recording music! And F.Y.I for all buyers, Vista is a completely different OS core from Xp, everything is new…

  29. I just yesterday ordered TOSHIBA laptop with windows vista, i’m due to get it on friday, but now i red all your comments and i’m geting scared, if o took right decision…I need it only for work and home and i don’t need to have any special applications or programms…only microsoft office and interenet…maybe burn some cd’s or listen music…anyone who has used it for simple things like that is welcome to reply to my comment…my e-mail is Does anyone who used it for things like i listed is ok with vista? pleasr reply…

    Thank you!


  30. Hey everybody. If you are skittish about vista and are thinking about getting xp or going back to xp just download microsoft virtual PC 2007 instead and then you can install xp and vista in the same OS. Its free. I would recommend having vista and then just doing a virtual machine install of XP. then you can run XP within vista whenever you need to for any old programs and stuff that you cant get to run. Vista ultimate is sooooooooooo cool and it is mega fast. Vista home basic does kinda suck and is slower in my opinion.

    Microsoft virtual Pc 2007… get it!

    (note depending on how good your hardware is your virtual install of vista or xp may run slower than if you had installed them separately as a dual boot so if you need to run some games that run in XP only you should do a dual boot but if you are just needing xp so you can use your old printer or something like that you should be totally fine. enjoy)

  31. I have a HP DV9200 series Notebook with AMD dual core processor, and 2GB RAM. It was purchased the day Windows Vista was released, January 30, 2007. For about 11 months all was relatively well with my Vista Home Premium. I say relatively because I did experience some random error messages, and freezes, but I also had experienced the same with Windows XP. Some time in January of 2008, problems started to become more frequent, and I started getting the BSOD. Things got progressively worse and today, my notebook is nothing more than a boat anchor. I am currently waiting for a factory recovery disk that HP is shipping to me. My own recovery disks loaded OK and the OS worked for awhile., but eventually frequent BSOD started to occur. HP’s theory or hope is that my recovery disks were corrupted. On the presumption that my problem will NOT be solved by the installation of the factory recovery disks, does anyone have any suggestions. I have another computer running Vista Home Basic that is working OK, but all it is used for is email and surfing.

    Craig Ross

  32. I’m a little late in jumping on this but my laptop is running 3GB of ram and it’s a whole lot slower than my desktop running 1GB. I find it hard to believe you’re running anything less and it’s flawless. I’ve been thinking about turning back to XP. At least when I fixed a problem it lasted for a few months. Vista is nothing but problems everyday. Trust me when I say, you have to download an update to play a game. That’s absurd, when it should have been compatible in the first place. It’s not the retailer’s responsibility to update the information for compatibility, it Microcrap’s. Besides, haven’t there been issues before stating Gates wasn’t the creator???? But, I don’t make billions, so what do I know?

  33. I am unable to get vista to install there 4.0 service pack 2 (kb936181) security update. Every time it down loads it says it is O.K. but the next time I boot up it comes right back to be installed. Does any one out there have a fix for this, it is driving me crazy.

  34. I am unable to get vista to install there 4.0 service pack 2 (kb936181) security update. Every time it down loads it says it is O.K. but the next time I boot up it comes right back to be installed. Does any one out there have a fix for this, it is driving me crazy.

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