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b5media Hitting WordPress 2.1

We grow. We suffer usage fees. Those fees come in database overhead, CPU utilization, etc. We’re hitting a number of incremental optimization targets in the next 3 weeks (by the time I go to Toronto in April, I hope) and one of them is moving the network to WordPress 2.1. Really, I’ve been very patient in not jumping the gun, doing quite a bit of testing but somewhere in the back of my mind, I still wanted to practice an overabundance of caution because unlike one blog, if something goes wrong on 175+ blogs, well…. I don’t need to tell you the amount of work I’ll be putting in, not to mention the amount of complaints I’ll be recieving.

We decided to bite the bullet and incrementally upgrade the network. So far, Arts & Design, Celebrities, Beauty & Style, Writing & Literature as well as Travel & Culture have been bumped. It seems only minor blips have occurred and I have been able to squelch those bugs fairly quickly. Tomorrow and Sunday, I’ll be bumping more channels and (knock on wood), we’ll have a smooth transition by Sunday evening.



  1. just a lil’ advanced wordpress hackery… and you’re done. :p

  2. Lisa- you know that’s how we roll around here. :)

  3. All in all it’s been a pretty smooth transition for bloggers and CEs thanks to you Aaron. Only a few questions (mainly about that amazon plugin) have popped up.

    really, I am just testing a theory on leaving the url for the new channel pages and seeing how it works… count this as a filler comment

  4. Not sure about that filler comment thingy, William. Whatcha up to? :-)

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