WordPress FAQ: What's up with the Amazon Plugin with WP 2.1.x?

How do I use the new version of the Amazon plugin? It never brings up what I am looking for and its very annoying. I want to be able to use it the way it was before the WP upgrade.

This question comes from Shannon Nelson who is complaining about the new version of WP-Amazon. Many of the blogs at b5 are product based or have a strong connection to products and so the WP-Amazon plugin is a favorite among affiliate bloggers.

The problem is that the new version of WP-Amazon, though still beta, leaves a large chunk of the less technical population behind. Based on the plugin site, I’m confident that the issues will be resolved by the time this version comes out of beta, however until then we’re stuck with it. The stable version of the plugin does not work on any of the WP 2.1.x branch and the beta preview version is only compati ble with Firefox 2, Opera 9 and (I think) Safari. Internet Explorer users are the big losers here.

Stay tuned tot he plugin page for news on future releases and we’ll be proactively monitoring and upgrading here at b5media.

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  1. Yah. This has slowed down the postings on my own product blogs, but it’s only a small part. Also, even with Firefox, the drag/drop only works if using the visual editor is enabled.

    PS: the plugin does work to find the products. I right-click to open in another window, copy/paste the name of product and LINK the url as a text link in my post. At Feedburner, under Optimize tab, I activated the Amazon ID Burner and it automatically puts my code in the feed so, hopefully with full feeds .. I’m gambling that readers will click the link in the RSS feed instead of at the site itself. If that plugin ever comes out of Beta, there’s going to be a splurge of amazon posts out there!

  2. Thanks Aaron for posting my question. I have Firefox and I find the new version of this plugin incredibly difficult. In the past when I could correlate products on Amazon with the products I was reviewing, my affiliate sales were definitely going at a steady stream. Now it is substantially less. I hope they come out of beta soon so I can use it again.

  3. I’ve found it works poorly in Safari as well. It appears, but the amount of products it returns is poor compared to the same search in Safari.

    Rich has a Google Group for the beta, and has mentioned that he’s busy, and won’t be able to address it until April some time. He’s also solicited for other developers, including handing it over if anyone wants to take on the new version for 2.1.

  4. Mine doesn’t work either. I thought it was because I transferred my blog site and I had misconfigured some stuff. I’m using FF and WP 2.1.2

    I do hope that they can fix it up soon.

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